Taiwan visa from Singapore

Taiwan has multiple elements that one can enjoy. This includes wonderful traditions, natural landscapes, and magnificent temples.

If you have plans to travel to Taiwan but are unsure of the visa application process and the required policies, this article will help you!

This article will tell you all about the different Taiwan visa types, their requirements, and other details you should know before applying for a Taiwan visa.

Need of the Taiwan Visa

A Taiwan visa is necessary to travel to Taiwan as an individual with Singaporean nationality. However, the immigration officers at the entry ports have the right to deny or allow entry into Taiwan.

Without this travel document, foreign visitors cannot travel to Taiwan. There are different types of visa that you can get depending on the reason of your travel.

What Different Types of Taiwan Visa are Available?

Taiwan Tourist Visa

Any Singaporean citizen who wishes to travel to Taiwan for tourism purposes or wants to visit any family members or friends should get a Taiwan tourist visa.

This visa is a visitor visa with which you can spend an enjoyable trip in Taiwan.

This Taiwan visa for Singapore citizens is available as a single entry or multiple entry visas.

The single entry permit has a validity of over 30 days with 180 days stay. The validity for the multiple entry permit is the same as the single entry permit.

The time of processing you choose depends on how fast you want to travel to Taiwan. The time ranges from 3-4 days for a standard time and 2-3 days for urgent time.

Taiwan Business Visa

The Taiwan business visa allows travelers to visit Taiwan for business purposes. These include official matters such as business meetings, dealings, conferences, and negotiations.

The business visa does not allow individuals to indulge in employment as you would require a work visa.

The business visa's validity and processing time are the same as the tourist visa. Depending on your processing time, the visa fee will also differ.

What are the Taiwan Visa Requirements?

There are some very important documents required that have to be submitted. These are original passports that should have a validity of at least six months. Moreover, a valid passport should have at least two blank visa pages.

You also need to attach two passport-type pictures with a white background, and they should not be older than six months.

Another important document is the proof of status that can identify your association with Singapore. This can be in the form of an employment pass, work permit, or re-entry permit.

Proof of sufficient funds is to be given regardless of the type of visa you have applied for. There are many ways you can provide this proof. You can provide your latest bank statement, current employment proof, or accommodation evidence for Taiwan.

Along with the documents, you will have to submit the Taiwan visa application form. The Taiwan visa application should contain accurate details, and they should match your passport details.

If you apply for a tourist visa, you must provide an itinerary. This can include round-trip tickets, the excursion details, and the stay duration.

If you have applied for a business visa, additional documents include an invitation letter from the company hosting your visit. The letter should contain the nature of the trip and more information about the applicant. A person of authority should also sign the letter.

You will also need the business registration of the Taiwanese company. An identification card copy is a must too!

Student pass holders, dependent pass holders, etc., must attach a copy of their pass with the application form.

If a parent is applying for the minor, they must provide the child's birth certificate. Lastly, you are supposed to pay the visa fees. Once your visa expires, you can no longer stay in the country, and you should leave immediately. Failure to do so may result in repercussions from the concerned authority.

How Can Singaporeans Apply for a Taiwan Visa?

To apply for a Taiwan visa, you can visit the Taiwan embassy, or you can apply online.

Applying online takes less time, and you don't have to schedule appointments. VisaHQ is an online platform where you can apply for visa online.

At VisaHQ, you can apply for more than one visas at the simultaneously. If you want to apply for a Taiwan visa as a Singaporean citizen, you can select Taiwan as the destination country and Singapore as the nationality. When you check the requirements, it provides an array of information such as visa types and their specific requirements, the validity of the visa, required documents, etc. You can fill out the application form online, attach the documents, and wait for the processing to complete!

Hence, you can apply for a Taiwan visa without the hassle of traveling anywhere!

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