Taiwan visa for Indians

Making plans to visit Taiwan? Did your boss inform you that you must attend a Taiwan conference? And are you not sure what the visa policies and regulations for Taiwan are? If so, do not fret. This article's main purpose is to notify you about the policies for Taiwan visas that an Indian citizen should know before traveling to Taiwan!

Make your travel plans to Taiwan super easy from India by knowing the proper visa policies!

Do Indians Need A Taiwan Visa?

Yes, Indians do not get visa free entry to travel to Taiwan. There are no exceptions when it comes to obtaining a Taiwan visa to travel to a wonderful country.

You must have the travel document and authorization certificate if you wish to travel to Taiwan.

Once you reach Taiwan, immigration officers who will be at the entry ports have the prerogative to either allow you entry, deny or decide your stay duration. They can ask to view your valid entry visa too!

Types of Taiwan Visa for Indian Nationals

The two major Taiwan visas for Indians fall into the following categories:

Taiwan Tourist Visa

The tourist visa is, as the name suggests, for tourists. So, if you are traveling to Taiwan from India to explore the country and indulge in its traditions and environment for the time you are there, you should get a tourist visa. The tourist visa is normally a short-stay visa.

The tourist visa is a visitor visa and can also be used to visit family and friends. You can also refer to it as the ROC Travel Authorization Certificate.

The tourist visa is available as a single entry visa and a multiple entry visas. The validity for both types is up to 3 months. And per visit, you can stay for 60 days. Moreover, the processing time for this visa can be either 3 or 4 days. The visa fee is higher if you choose the lower processing time.

Taiwan Business Visa

The Taiwan business visa is aimed at individuals who have some business to deal with in Taiwan. The reason for acquiring a business can be for some business meeting or conference. You might be invited by a company in Taiwan or be sent by your employer to another branch in Taiwan to deal with negotiations etc.

The processing time, validity, and maximum stay per visit are the same as the tourist visa!

What are the Taiwan Visa Requirements Indians Need to Fulfill?

The primary visa requirements for acquiring a Taiwan visa include a valid passport with a minimum validity of six months after arriving in Taiwan. Moreover, your passport should also have at least 2 blank pages.

Other documents include two passport-size pictures. You should ensure the pictures are clear and preferably have a white background.

You may be asked to provide your previous Schengen visa for any Schengen country if you want to obtain the e-visa.

You have to provide supporting documents as well. These necessary required documents include evidence of sufficient funds. You can provide this proof as a bank statement or other proof of bookings over the trip.

You can provide accommodation proof like hotel bookings, or if you are staying at a relative or friend's house, you can provide their contact details.

Moreover, you must provide an invitation letter if a hosting company has invited you. This letter should talk about your trip, its details, the purpose of the visit and the company's details.

You must provide a travel itinerary. Apart from what the trip is about, this can also contain copies of flight bookings!

The documents mentioned above are to be attached to the visa application form. Hence one major required document is your Taiwan visa application form. This form should be properly filled with personal details, and there should be no difference between the details on the form and your official documents.

Payment of the visa fee is necessary to obtain the Taiwan visa.

What is the Application Process for the Taiwan Visa for Indians?

Indian citizens are among the countries who can apply for the Taiwan visa online if they have previously received a Schengen visa and do not need to go to the Taiwan embassy. Therefore, you can efficiently apply for any Taiwan visa online. One website that enables this opportunity is VisaHQ.

At VisaHQ, you can apply for as many visas as you would like. To apply for the Taiwan visa, you must choose your nationality as Indian and your destination as Taiwan.

When you have read through the visa details, you can fill out the online application and attach all the required documents. Next, you will pay the fee, and you're done!

You can now patiently wait for the visa to be processed and start preparing to travel to Taiwan!

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