South Africa visa for Pakistani

The South Africa visa for Pakistani is available to nationals of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan who wish to travel to South Africa. There is currently a small expatriate community of Pakistanis in South Africa who live and work there; some are also dual nationals of both countries because the South African and Pakistan governments have a long history of collaboration hacking back to the colonial past under the British.

South Africa At A Glance

South Africa is located on the Southern coast of the African continent and is bordered to the south by the Atlantic Ocean and the to the north by Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Swaziland, and Lesotho, which is somewhere inside its geographic borders. Due to its strategic location, South Africa is an important shipping outpost as it serves as a connecting port for ships sailing from Europe, North America, and South America to the East and vice versa.

Currently classed as the second biggest economy in the world by GDP, South Africa is a tourist hub with some of the most visited parts of the country, such as the Kruger National Park, which serves as home to thousands of animal and plant species. The country is blessed with rich vegetation, vast shrublands where tourists can come in close contact with wildlife, and exotic wine lands in Paarl and Stellenbosch, to mention a few. As a result of its vast coastland, South Africa also has nice beaches for surfers, skiers, and sunbathers.  

Visitors who love the nightlife will enjoy the social scenes of Capetown and Joburg, or they can go hiking up the Drakensberg mountains or the craggy cliffs of Cape of Good Hope. There is much to see and do in South Africa, which is why South Africa remains the number tourist destination in Africa.

Do Pakistanis Require A Visa To Enter South Africa?

South Africa only allows holders of visas to enter the country unless the visitor comes from a visa-exempt country. However, Pakistan is not on the visa-exempt list, which is why all nationals flying in from Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, or any other city must obtain a visa first. Visas are available at the South African embassy or any of their accredited visa centers in Pakistan. Currently, online South Africa e-visa applications are not open to Pakistan travelers, so they must apply for visas in person.

Is Visa In Arrival Available To Pakistanis?

The government of South Africa does not issue visas on arrival to visitors at any of the airports, seaports, or borders. Until then, the only option open to Pakistanis is to apply for a visa and get it first before they travel.

Types of South African Visa For Pakistan Citizens

Tourist Visa: Pakistanis can get a tourist visa if they want to spend their holidays in South Africa or visit for sightseeing. The South African tourist visa is valid for 180 days, and tourists can stay for up to 90 days.

Business Visa: The business visa is valid for 180 days and is issued for business trips. Pakistan investors or guests invited to a conference may visit South Africa to attend their business functions. The visa is solely for business-related activities.

Work Visa: Work visas are issued to those employed by a South African organization or business enterprise. This document allows them to enter the country to work as expatriates. On arriving, they can also apply for a residency Permit at the immigration office closest to them.

Transit Visa: Travelers needing to take connecting flights in South Africa may apply for a transit visa. It is valid for three days.

Student Visa: Those issued admission by a tertiary institution in South Africa may apply for a student visa. Student visas are valid for 6 months and above, depending on the duration of the course.

Visit Visa: Pakistanis who wish to visit family and friends in South Africa for a short time may apply for a visit visa.

South Africa Visa For Pakistani Basic Requirements

Pakistanis must submit the following documents before they can obtain a visa. Kindly note that the type of visa you apply for will determine the special documents the authorities will request at the visa office. However, please find below the basic documents required from all applicants regardless of the visa they apply for.

  • Pakistanis passport with at least one blank page and a minimum of 6 months validity

  • Duly completed and signed visa application form

  • 3 recent colored photographs

  • Cover letter explaining the reasons for the visit

  • Statement of account to prove financial means

  • Hotel reservation or confirmed house address in South Africa

  • Travel itinerary

  • Yellow Fever certificate

  • Return ticket reservation

  • Admission fee

The South Africa visa for Pakistan requirements often changes, so do your findings before commencing the application process.

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