Do Ghanaians need visa to South Africa

Do Ghanaians need visa to enter South Africa? Many Ghanaians planning to visit South Africa are left confused because of the evolving changes to South Africa’s immigration laws as regards visitors from other African countries. Currently, Ghanaians need visas to enter South Africa, but this is subject to change, so visitors are advised to check updates before applying for a visa.

The South African government has simplified the visa process for Ghanaians coming for tourism or business. Such visitors qualify for visas set for 90 days per visit.

Do Ghanaians Qualify For Visa On Arrival?

South issues visas to citizens from selected countries on arrival, but Ghanaians do not qualify for such visas. A visa in arrival is shirt term visa issued to visitors who enter the country without a visa. As it Is illegal to enter South Africa Without a Visa, the South African government issues such visas to eligible visitors instead of turning them away.

However, as a Ghanaian, you do not qualify for a visa on arrival, so you must apply and obtain a visa in Ghana from the South African embassy in Accra before you board a flight for South Africa.

Can Ghanaians Apply For Visa Extension?

Ghanaians already in South Africa may apply for a visa extension if they notice that their visa is about to expire, but they are not done with their engagements in the country. However, they must apply for an extension at least 10 days before their visa expires. Living in South Africa on an expired visa is as bad as having no visa at all and is an immigration violation.

If you are caught, you may be fined, deported, jailed and banned from ever entering the country again.

Types of South African Visa Ghanaians May Apply For

Tourist Visa: Ghanaians planning to visit South Africa for the holidays require a tourist visa. This visa is valid for 180 days and allows the visitor to stay for up to 90 days as they visit the country's various parks, beaches and resorts. It can also serve as a transit visa too.

Business Visa: The business visa is for those coming to South Africa for business-related activities. 

They can stay for up to 90 days.

Work Visa: Any Ghanaian employed by a South African organization or company may apply for a work visa. Work visas carry longer validity and allow the holder to apply for residency so they can live in the country legally.

Student Visa: South Africa has the best academic institutions in the continent and many international student schools in the country. The embassy issues student visas to Ghanaian students who have secured admission into any tertiary institution in South Africa. Without this visa, they can’t travel to South Africa for their education.  

Family Visa: Those with family members in South Africa may apply for a family visa to visit their loved ones. However, they must prove that they are related by marriage or birth using civil documents like a birth certificate or a marriage certificate.

Medical Visa: Medical visas are issued to visitors coming for medical treatment. Medical visas are valid for 90 days.

South Africa Visa Documents For Ghanaians

These are the required documents for South African visas applications.

Completed Application Form: A signed and duly completed visa application form containing valid information about the applicant.

Valid Passport: A valid Ghanaian passport with at least 3 months of validity counting from the departure date. It must have at least 2 unused pages for visa stamps.

Processing Fee: The processing fee must be paid into the bank account of the South African embassy in Accra, and the receipt must be attached to the application form.

Yellow Fever Vaccination: Visitors to South Africa are expected to have received yellow fever vaccination before they are allowed into the country.

Photograph: Two coloured photographs taken recently. The photos must be printed on white background with the face showing clearly.

Proof of fund: A bank statement containing the minimum required balance to cover all living and travelling expenses.

Return ticket: Return ticket reservation for the trip back to Ghana.

Proof of accommodation: Hotel reservation or a house address where the applicant will stay in South Africa.

Travel itinerary: Travel information such as where the visitor will visit and the planned arrival and departure dates.

Card: You will also need a ban credit or debit card to pay the visa fees.

These are the documents required for applicants, but extra documents may be required depending on their visa. Applicants are advised only to provide valid documents and honest answers to the questions in the application form. They should also note that South African immigration officials have exclusive rights to deny a visitor entry if they find out that they obtained the visa under a false pretext or with false information or documents.

Do Ghanaians need visa to South Africa? Yes, they do, and they can get one from the South African embassy in Accra.

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