Saudi Arabia visa validity

The new tourist visa policy of Saudi Arabia allows the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to finally expand on tourism and strengthen not only the country’s economic structure through export and oil production but also through other sectors such as tourism.

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The kingdom of Saudi Arabia can be the perfect new adventure you might just be looking for. However, before you apply for a Visa to visit KSA, it is advised to acknowledge everything necessary to visit the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, so you don’t face any issues on arrival.

If you’re curious about your visa’s validity and how long it will last, then do not worry, as this guide will inform you about your Saudi Arabia visa’s validity and any other important information regarding it.

How to check Saudi Arabia Visit Visa Validity Online?

The Enjazit is a way to connect applicants to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). With the help of this portal, you can track the validity of your visit visa.

To check your Saudi Arabia visit visa, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the Enjazit portal.

  • Through Google translate, you can change the language from Arabic to English if it opens in Arabic for you.

  • There will be boxes on the page where you will have to fill in certain information such as visa type, passport number, arrival destination, and current nationality.

  • Enter the random image code.

  • Click the option ‘Perform the Search.’

After clicking that, the system will show all the details of your visit visa, including the expiry date and issuing date. If an error appears on the page, it means that your visa is still yet to be stamped.

You can also visit the MOFA website to check the validity of your visa. Follow the steps below:

  • Visit the MOFA website.

  • Scroll down on the website until you reach the inquiry section.

  • In the box named “searching for,” select “Application submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

  • Enter your application number.

  • Enter your “residence number” or “national identity number” in the box named “Record Number.” This will be your Iqama number.

  • Enter the image icon that is randomly generated.

  • Click on “Inquire”

Follow the steps above, and you can easily check the validity of your Saudi Arabia visit visa online.

What is an exit/re-entry visa in KSA?

A Saudi exit/re-entry visa is a very important document for travelers with domestic workers or family members living outside KSA. This visa is also for employees that want to exit KSA and re-enter within a specific time.

How long is the Saudi Arabia Visit Visa Valid For?

The Saudi online visit visa is valid up to 360 days from the date when your visa was issued. However, you can stay up to 90 days in a single visit.

Single-entry family visit visas can be valid for 30 days, while multiple-entry visas are valid for 90 days. If you have multiple-entry visas, you can re-enter the kingdom of Saudi Arabia up to four times, each of which will last 90 days.

The different visa types for Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia gives several types of visas, and you can apply for these visas with help from accredited visa agencies of the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia.

KSA family visit visa

This visa is for travelers that have friends or loved ones in KSA or if a family member works in a Saudi company on a Saudi work visa.

KSA business visit visa

This visa will be needed for travelers that have to attend a business meeting, conference, or talk about investment opportunities.

Hajj visa

Only Muslim travelers can apply for this visa. It is for travelers that are visiting the religious pilgrimage areas of Madinah, Makkah, and Jeddah.

Employment visa

Visa required for employment in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Residence visa

Travelers that want to live with their family in KSA will apply for this visa.

Temporary work visa

This visa allows travelers to stay in KSA for up to 3 months with an option to extend for 30 days.

You can visit VisaHQ to get further information on all the visa types of KSA and their requirements.

How long is a Saudi visa valid after stamping?

After your KSA visa gets stamped, it is valid for a year from the day of issuance, and the period of stay would be 90 days.

How can I check if my visa is still valid?

The Enjazit portal and MOFA website, where you received information regarding your KSA visa and its validity, will also inform you if your visa is still valid. You can also visit VisaHQ to check your visa’s validity.

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