Saudi Arabia visa processing time

One thing regarding traveling that people often get annoyed by is when applying for a visa at an embassy; you’ve to wait a long time for your visa to finish processing. The plausible reasons for late processing depend on the number of people applying and the issuing authority. But still, at times when, even if it’s only one person applying for a visa, the processing often takes quite long, which may spoil preplanning regarding your visit.

Another reason for slow visa processing can be a shortage of human resources. However, we now have a fix for all these problems with electronic visas, and the Saudi Arabia evisa is no different.

VisaHQ aims to please the needs of anyone who applies through it. VisaHQ also promises to provide super-fast processing so you can get your Saudi Arabia visa quickly. Following is further information regarding applying for a Saudi Arabia visa.

Applying For A Saudi Arabian Visa Online

If you’re eligible for a Saudi Arabia evisa, you’ve to visit the official tourism website of Saudi Arabia and apply from there. The process for applying for a Saudi Arabia evisa is quite simple:

  • Go to the e visa application website

  • Click “Apply Now”

  • Fill in the Saudi Arabia Visa application form

  • Pay the fee for the Saudi Arabia visa

  • Wait for your evisa to finish processing. It will finish processing on the next business day

  • After receiving the evisa, you can make a physical copy of it by printing it out and using it to enter KSA within 90 days

Your visa will be checked by immigration at the airport before they allow you entry to Saudi Arabia.

How Can I Get A Work Visa In Saudi Arabia?

If you’re traveling to KSA for work-related purposes, applying for a Saudi Arabia work visa will be necessary (also known as an employment visa). You can get one from a Saudi Embassy or Consulate. However, before applying for a work visa, an employer in KSA needs to acquire a work permit for you.

The process for applying for a work visa is as follows:

  • Your employer in KSA applies for a work permit at the ministry of labor

  • Upon approval of the application, the ministry of labor will inform the ministry of foreign affairs about the decision. Then they will issue a visa authorization number

  • You can then apply for a Saudi Arabia work visa at a nearby consulate or embassy

Documents Required For Saudi Work Visa

  • Proof of KSA work visa authorization that is issued by the branch of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Saudi Ministry of Labor

  • Sponsorship letter from the KSA Company that is certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Saudi Chamber of Commerce

  • Employment contract copy

  • Medical report that is issued by a certified medical practitioner stating you’re healthy and not infected with any risky diseases or viruses. The report should be recent and not be older than 3 months

  • Police clearance that is issued within the last 6 months

  • Academic qualifications

After your KSA work visa is issued and you’ve entered Saudi Arabia, you will have to apply for a Residence Permit from the Ministry of Labor as well.

Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa

The Saudi Arabia Tourist visa is for any foreigner that wants to travel to the country as a tourist. The tourist visa for KSA can be issued online or on arrival.

Saudi Arabia Visit Visa

A Saudi Arabia visit visa is for any foreigner that wants to visit a family member that’s living in Saudi Arabia. The KSA visit visa is for personal visits as well. If you’re from a permitted country, you can use an eVisa to travel to Saudi Arabia for a family visit. If you’re not from a permitted country, you will have to apply for a Saudi Arabia visit visa at a consulate or embassy.

Saudi Arabia Umrah Visa

The Saudi Arabia Umrah/Hajj visa is issued to Muslims only that want to enter Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj or Umrah. The Hajj visa doesn’t cost anything and is free at Saudi Arabia embassies and consulates worldwide.

Travelers that are eligible for a KSA eVisa can use one to enter Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj or Umrah.

Saudi Arabia Transit Visa

You will need a Saudi Arabia Transit Visa when you’re transiting through KSA to reach the third country of destination.

You won’t require a KSA transit visa when:

  • When you’re traveling to Jeddah, Dammam, or Riyadh international airport

  • You have an onward flight ticket for a third country within 12 hours

  • When you haven’t left the transit area of the airport

  • If you have the necessary documents for the third designated country

How Long Does Visa Processing Take?

Visa processing may vary from country to country, but often, it gets processed on the next business day after you’ve applied for the visa.

Your travel destination  
Visa type
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