Saudi Arabia business visa UK

Saudi Arabia business visa UK is available to citizens of the United Kingdom who wish to visit the Middle Eastern Kingdom to undertake business engagements. This visa allows you to attend business meetings, events, or any business-related activity. To avail of this visa, the visa applicant has to submit an invitation letter issued to them by the company or business entity inviting them to Saudi Arabia. Invitation letters are regarded for all comers regardless of whether they are sole traders, self-employed or employed professionals. That is to say that no one visits Saudi Arabia on business without being invited.

However, there are visas issued to business owners, directors of companies, or chairpersons without the need for an invitation letter, but these visas are issued at the discretion of the Saudi embassy. Applicants are also expected to submit proof of their business credentials to the embassy as part of the application process.

Saudi Arabia's Economy At A Glance

The economy of Saudi is the 18th largest in the world and the largest in the Middle East. 

Saudi Arabia is a resource-rich country with the third largest natural gas reserves in the world. The country is a member of the G20, a founding and permanent member of OPEC, and a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council. The economy is powered by its petroleum and natural gas reserves, and it is on record that they have the second-largest petroleum reserves and the fourth-largest known gas reserves of all gas exporting countries.

Although Saudi is still viewed as a Petro state, the monarchy has successfully diversified its economy into chemical refining, real estate, manufacturing, and tourism, which remains one of the largest revenue earners. These industries create emerging opportunities for local and international investors who visit annually to explore and invest.

Saudi Arabia Business Visa UK

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia introduced a unique business visa to facilitate the trips of foreign nationals coming in for business engagements. This business visa requires a letter of invitation which must be attached to the visa application form. Saudi business visas are strictly for business and not for any other purpose, and it is not issued in Saudi Arabia but aboard through the embassy.

Why Is An Introduction Letter Required?

According to the law guiding the issuance of this visa, the applicant must submit an introduction letter to the authorities, which provides details regarding the nature of the visit, who will be responsible for the expenses, as well as the general information and business license of the entity inviting the visitor to Saudi Arabia.

Who Is Eligible For A Saudi Arabia Business Visa?

Only applicants who meet specific stipulations will be issued this Saudi visa, and they are as follows.

  • The applicant must be a full-time employee of a UK company or corporation or show evidence of company ownership.

  • The applicant must be a UK citizen or permanent resident.

  • They must present a signed letter the company has invited them to Saudi Arabia. The letter must be printed on company letterhead.

  • The signature on the letterhead must match what is on the visa undertaking form.

  • They must submit the original copy of the formal undertaking.

 Saudi Arabia Business Visa UK Requirements

Passport: A valid UK passport that will not expire in the next 6 months must have at least two empty pages for Saudi immigration to attach stamps once you arrive and when departing the country.

Application Form: The online application form must be completed and submitted online with a copy printed and attached to other documents.

Health Insurance: UK citizens coming to Saudi Arabia must have a health insurance policy to cover medical expenses they may incur during their stay.

Invitation Letter: An invitation letter issued by the Saudi Arabian company

Employee Verification: If the applicant is an employee, their status must be verified with a signed letter by their employer.

Passport Photo: Two recent passport photographs that meet Saudi Arabia business visa requirements. Head Gear may be worn for religious purposes, but glasses are not allowed.

Round Trip Itinerary: A round trip flight ticket reservation for the two-way trip. The documents should show the arrival and departure date.

Proof of Accommodation: Hotel reservation information will be demanded by the Saudi embassy.

Visa Fee: A receipt for the Saudi Arabian business visa fee payment must be attached to the document as proof.

Proof of funds: A statement of account showing proof of funds to cover all expenses.

Visitors are informed that Saudi Arabia is a deeply religious society with strong Islamic beliefs. 

They are expected to respect their laws throughout their stay in the country as soon as they arrive with a Saudi Arabia Business visa UK. They are also advised not to overstay their visas so they don't face sanctions.

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