How much is a schengen visa for Poland

How much is a Schengen visa for Poland? Do all applicants pay the same standard fee, or are the fees different?

The Schengen visa fee for Poland is different depending on your age. The standard fee is €80, but children under six do not pay for visas as they are exempt from payment. As for children between 6-12, the Poland Schengen visa fee is €40, which is half of the standard fee for applicants above 12. Schengen visa fees are important, without which you cannot submit your application for processing. The fee is charged whenever you want to submit the application to the visa center or embassy, and the payment method depends on the procedure set by the embassy or application center.

For instance, you may opt for online payment at the embassy using your debit or credit card or a bank transfer using a teller. Whichever option is chosen, a bank teller or receipt must be attached to the application to serve as evidence.

How Much Is A Schengen Visa For Poland?

Aside from the abovementioned fees, you should note that not all foreign nationals pay the same fee. 

For instance, nationals from Russia, Armenia, Kosovo, and Azerbaijan do not pay the same fee; instead of the standard €80 fee, applicants from these countries pay between €35-€37, while Gambian nationals pay as high as €120 for a Schengen visa to Poland.

Furthermore, some Polish Embassies will charge the Euro equivalent in your local currency or US dollars, but the value will amount to the fees already.

Schengen Visa Applicants Who Do Not Pay Visa Fee?

Not everyone pays fees to obtain Schengen visas. Children under the age of 6 are exempt from paying for Poland Schengen visa from India, but there are other categories as well, such as

  • Holders of official, service, and diplomatic passports visiting Poland as special guests or representatives of their government coming to complete official assignments

  • Family members who are actual blood relatives of EEA or EU citizens

  • School students and their teachers visiting Poland for a school trip

  • Scientific researchers coming for research projects.

  • Participants who are 25 years or lesser coming for sports, conferences, seminars, or any educational event organized by an NGO. The decision on whether or not to collect a visa fee is made by the Polish embassy on a case-by-case basis.

When/How Will The Fee Be Paid?

Polish Schengen visa fees are paid using a bank draft, cheque, debit, or credit card. This fee is paid before or after the application is handed to the receiving officer at the desk. As we pointed out before, the payment method is determined by the embassy or visa application center.

There may also be extra charges aside from the visa fee if you use the services of a visa application center. Visa agents like BLS or VFS are designated by embassies to collect applications on their behalf, as some of them don’t collect applications directly from applicants. The cost of their collection services is not borne by the embassy but by the applicant. In some cases, the cost of their service may range from €30-€40, added to the official visa application fee.

Can The Fee Be Refunded?

It is important to hire that the fee for a Schengen visa for Poland is not refundable. Once this fee is paid, it cannot be returned to you; that is why applicants are informed from the early stages to do their due diligence before submitting their applications. If mistakes are made and the application is rejected, the applicant will have to pay another fee to offer a new application. Furthermore, the fact that you pay the fee does not guarantee that the visa will be issued to you. This fee is solely for processing your application and not for any other reason.

Is There a Difference In Fees Between Single and Multiple Entry Visas?

There is no difference in fees between single and multiple entry visas; the fees are the same, but the applicant is free to choose the one they want. Persons who will only travel to Poland once and will not do so another time may apply for a single entry visa, but persons traveling multiple times may apply for a multiple-entry visa. The duration of stay remains 90 days for but visa types.

Spending time in Poland for the holidays, business, or any other purpose is worth the experience as there is so much to see in the Eastern European country. However, you must apply for a Schengen visa if you are not from a visa exempt country. How much is a Schengen visa for Poland? The fee is €80 but €40 for children between 6-11 years. Children under 6 pay no application fee.

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