Does Poland issue schengen visa

Does Poland issue Schengen visa? Poland is a member of the Schengen bloc, so the government automatically has the authorization to issue Schengen visas to foreigners who are not from visa free countries. Poland is one of 27 states that make up the Schengen Area, and its immigration policy aligns with the free entry and exit policy adopted by other members of the bloc.

Who Needs A Schengen Visa to Enter Poland?

For starters, visitors from other EU nations do not need a visa to enter Poland as long as they have valid IDs or passports to validate their identity. Those who are not EU citizens fall into two categories; persons from visa-exempt countries and persons from non-visa-exempt countries. Persons from visa-exempt countries don't need visas to enter Poland. They can now visit using valid passports, but from 2024 they must obtain an Etias visa waiver to access Poland. There are 63 countries whose nationals can enter Poland and other Schengen nations visa free.

Non visa exempt visitors are largely from third-world countries whose citizens need visas to enter Poland. These are the persons who need to obtain Schengen visas.


Schengen Visa Validity and Duration of Stay

There are different types of Schengen visas, but they have the same validity of 180 days. The visa starts counting the moment the embassy issues it to the travelers and expires at the end of six months, regardless of whether they use it or not. Schengen visas allow visitors to stay in Poland for 90 days. The visa may be issued as a single entry, double entry, or multiple entry visa, but the application fee is the same across the board.


Poland is among Europe's top ten most populous countries, with nearly 40 million inhabitants. The country is classified as a Republic with a land mass of 312,696 km2. It joined the Schengen Area in 2007 and became an official member state. By signing the agreement, it became an official issuer of Schengen visas like other member states. Poland is a tourist hub in Eastern Europe and has 25 World Heritage Sites scattered across the country that attracts millions of visitors per annum and the economy is stable and has evolved over the years to include shipping, tourism, energy, finance, hospitality, and lots more.

Types of Polish Schengen Visas

There are different types of Polish Schengen visas for visitors, depending on their purpose.

Transit: Travelers who change flights in Poland don't need visas if they are only going to wait at the airport, but if they plan to visit the city and stay for a day or two, they will need a transit visa. Schengen transit visas are available for all those taking connecting flights in any Polish airport.

Tourist Visa: Most visitors who come to Poland do so with a Schengen visa. Yi can visit any of the famous cities in Poland or the UNESCO heritage sites. Touring the coastal towns during summer is a favorite of many visitors who enjoy watersports.

Business Visa: There is a visa for business persons coming for business-related engagements. Investors or professionals can apply for this visa if they have an upcoming business meeting, conference, workshop, fair, or seminar. However, they must provide an invitation letter sent to them by the host.

Cultural Exchange Visa: This visa program encompasses all social events for visitors, such as sporting, art, cultural, or any activity that is not economical in nature.

Official Visa: Officials of foreign governments and embassies may apply for official visas if they are coming to Poland on an official assignment. This visa is only issued to those who have official or diplomatic passports.

Medical Treatment Visa: Poland has a very good medical care system with good health professionals and facilities, so medical tourism is thriving there. Persons needing medical care may apply for this visa, but they must provide proof of financial capacity and a letter from the medical facility where they will get their treatment.

Study Visa: Schengen study visas are only for short courses that will not last more than 90 days.


What Is The Polish Schengen Visa 90/180 Rule?

This is a rule all visitors must adhere to once they arrive in Poland. Under these regulations, visitors cannot stay for more than 90 days within 180 days without a multiple-entry visa. This same rule applies if they travel to multiple countries in the Schengen Zone.

Poland Schengen Visa Requirements

  • Application Form

  • Valid passport

  • Cover letter

  • Civil Status certificate

  • Proof of financial means

  • Round trip flight Itinerary

  • Proof of accommodation

  • Invitation letter, where applicable

  • Visa fee receipt

  • Copies of previous visas

Does Poland issue Schengen visa? Yes, you can apply for a visa to Poland if you meet the requirements.

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