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The Philippines is one of the most popular countries in Far East Asia and one of the main business centers in the region. Visitors intending to come into the country to conduct business or attend meetings need a Philippines business visa. The business visa is a travel document that citizens of selected countries must possess before being allowed into the country. This page contains information about the business visa as well as steps to take to obtain one. Keep reading to learn more about the business visa in The Philippines.

What Is The Philippines Business Visa?

The Philippines business visa is an official Travel document issued by the government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This visa is issued to foreign nationals from selected countries who want to enter the country to attend a meeting, consult or transact business. It is not the same as a work visa because the business visa doesn’t give the holder permission to engage in any work engagement during their stay. 

Business visas allow for 30-day stays and are valid for 90 days. They are mostly single-entry visas, but multiple-entry versions are not uncommon.

Who Needs A Business Visa?

Business visas are for foreign nationals whose countries are not on the visa-exempt list. US citizens, citizens of some ASEAN nations, and others do not need a visa to enter the Philippines to stay for a short time. To be sure if your country makes the list or not, consult the list to find out.

Business Visa Eligibility

To obtain this visa, you need to be eligible for it. Failure to prove your eligibility will lead to application denial. Here are the eligibility criteria you must meet.

Genuine Traveler: The applicant must have valid business concerns to attend to in the country and must be able to prove them.

Fund Expenses: There are expenses involved in traveling, and the government wants to be sure that the applicant can cover them during their stay in the country and not become a liability to the public.

Besides these two criteria, the applicant must be of good character without a history of crime. This is why a Police Clearance Certificate is required. The government also wants to ensure that the applicant is in good health and intends to return home at the end of their trip. These are the criteria the applicant must meet before obtaining a visa.

Philippines Business Visa Document Requirements

Here are the documents you must attach to your application form when applying for a business visa.

Passport Valid: A valid passport is required when applying for a business visa. The passport must have at least 6 months of validity left, a minimum of 2 blank pages, and it must not be torn or ripped in any way, shape, or form. If you have an old passport, you may also attach it to your application.

Photograph: A photograph is required. The photograph must be on an all-white background, colored with your face showing clearly. The required dimension is 35 mm x 45 mm with a matte finish.

Air Ticket: A copy of your return air ticket is required as well. This will prove your desire to return to your country on or before your visa expires. The ticket must also show your departure date.

Proof of financial means: A bank statement for 6 months to prove your financial means.

Cover Letter: The company or organization inviting you to the meeting must issue a signed cover letter bearing their name, your name, and the purpose of your trip. The letter must also be written on the company’s letterhead.

These are the main documents required to apply for a Philippines business visa.

How To Apply For A Philippines Business Visa

There are two ways to apply for a business visa. The first option is to visit the Philippine consulate, which is the only option for most foreign nationals. They need to approach the Philippines embassy in their countries to apply for the Philippines visa in person, and the application process takes about 15 working days to process. The second option is to apply for it online. The online option is only available to citizens of selected countries. If you are eligible for an online application, you can visit VisaHQ to follow these steps.

  • Visit VisaHQChoose The Philippines as your country of destination

  • Choose your country

  • Select “Business visa.”

  • Fill out the visa application form with the correct details and crosscheck for errors

  • Scan and attach all required documents in their appropriate fields

  • Pay the visa application fee using a credit or debit card

  • Submit for review and approval

These are the steps you need to apply for a Philippines business visa, and you should get yours in 5 working days.


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