Visa type Philippines

People who are looking to visit The Philippines anytime soon will need one of the visa types Philippines if they are not eligible for visa-free entry or wish to visit for long-term purposes. Traveling to these Far East Asian countries can be exciting if you have your itinerary and documentation right. If you want to apply for a visa, the first step is to know the type of visa you want. Below, we review the types of Filipino visas on offer, so go through our list and identify the one you want.

Visa Type Philippines

Work Visa: This is a special visa for foreigners coming to work for a company or organization based in the country. This visa qualifies the foreigner for a work and residency permit after they arrive so they can work and stay legally while pursuing their economic interests. It is legal to work in the Philippines with this visa.

Student Visa: A student visa is for foreigners who wish to pursue academics in a Filipino college. This visa is ideal for credit courses that will take up to a year or more.

Spouse Visa: Through its Ministry of foreign affairs, the Philippines government issues spousal visas to spouses of Filipino citizens and their children so they can be reunited. To qualify, the applicant has to prove their relationship using a civil status certificate, and the Filipino spouse or parent needs to forward an invitation letter to them.

Retirement Visa: Foreigners who have decided to make the Philippines their home will need to get this retirement visa. However, there are financial requirements they must meet.


Types of Visa Categories

Still on visas, here are visa classifications you should know about.

A tourist visa is for persons coming into the country as tourists or wishing to spend their holidays there. Tourist visas are valid for up to 180 days and allow you to stay for up to 90 days.

Nonimmigrant Visa: Nonimmigrant visas are temporary visas; all visas valid for a short time, like education, template, education, tourism, and business, are all classified under nonimmigrant visas.

Quota Immigrant Visa: A quota Immigrant visa is designed for persons with professional and financial skills that may be in short supply in The Philippines. These visas are limited, and only a few are issued annually.

Service Visa: Service visas are categorized as those issued to delegates, managers, etc., for commercial activity.

Long-term Leisure Visa: These are leisure visas that last more than 30 days and require pre-approval from a consular officer.

Long-Term Tourist Visa: There are strict conditions for this type of visa, and only issued to a few eligible foreign nationals.

How To Apply For A Visa To The Philippines?

If you want to apply for a visa, you must follow these steps

Fill out the Application Form: The first step is to fill out the Filipino visa application form. This form will contain all your travel and personal information and must be signed and dated.

Pay The Fee: The application fee must be paid by you so you can submit your application.

Fix A Visa Appointment: The next step is to fix a visa appointment with the Filipino embassy in your country.

Visit The Visa: On the day of the appointment, visit the embassy with your documents and answer all questions you are asked as clearly as possible.

Filipino Visa Documents

Here are the basic documents for visa applications

  • Original passport and copy of the bio-data page

  • Signed and completed application form

  • Copy of visa or residence permit of an eligible nation (where applicable)

  • Travel Itinerary including return trip flight ticket

  • Hotel bookings 

  • Bank statements

  • One recent passport photo showing your face clearly on a white background 

Why Your Application May Be Rejected?

Your application will be rejected for the following reasons

Insufficient Funds: If your bank account contains insufficient amounts to cover the cost of your trip, the visa officer will conclude that you don’t have enough money to fund your expenses and will reject the application.

Staying Beyond The Stipulated Time: If there is a possibility that you may stay beyond the stipulated time, the visa officer will deny you the visa.

Fake Documents: Submitting fake documents is enough grounds for rejection. Only valid documents will be accepted.

Unclear Itinerary: If your travel Itinerary is not clear or confusing, the visa application will be rejected.

Note: When filling out your application form, be sure of the visa you are applying for and the terms and conditions, and fill it out accordingly.

Filipino Visa Validity

The visa validity for a Filipino visa varies from visa to visa. 

Check the validity of the one you have before your trip so you don’t overstay.

Depending on the visa type Philippines it may take 15-45 days to process.

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