Can you travel to the Philippines without vaccinations

Can you travel to the Philippines without vaccinations? As a first-time traveler to the Philippines after lifting COVID-19 restrictions, you should know that there are no longer quarantine or Covid restrictions for visitors. This means that you don’t have to be vaccinated to enter the country. However, every traveler is supposed to meet certain requirements by the local authorities, as outlined below.

Filipino Travel Advisory Requirements

All travelers coming to The Philippines must have one of the following to comply with the local laws.

  • A COVID-19 vaccination certificate issued by the World Health Insurance, the National Health certificate of their country, or other proof of vaccination

Travelers who have yet to be vaccinated can still enter the Philippines but must show the following.

  • A negative antigen test from an approved clinic was conducted within the last 24 hours from their country of origin. Persons without a negative test result from a medical facility must rest for COVID at the airport once they arrive.

Travelers that have already been vaccinated no longer need booster shots as long as they can provide proof of vaccination. Also, children below 15 traveling with fully vaccinated parents are not mandated to be vaccinated, nor do they need to provide a negative test result.

Traveling To The Philippines After The Cancelation of Covid Mandates

Despite the cancellation of Covid mandates, all travelers, including minors, are required to register their Electronic Travel Declaration System within 72 hours before their flight. Their passport must also be valid for a further six months beyond their intended arrival. They must also have an outbound flight ticket out of the country.

Non-vaccinated travelers must show a certified PCR negative test performed by a licensed lab or clinic. Visitors are also required to check the travel guidelines of the airline and the Philippines Dept of Tourism Board for regulation changes a day or two before their trip.

Traveling With A Visa

Only some people who travel to the Philippines do so with visas. There are 158 nations whose citizens can visit the country and stay for 30 days without visas. Before you start making travel plans, you should also check the visa requirements for citizens from your country; if a visa is required, apply for one and get it before you plan your trip.

Visa Requirements

The embassy will ask you to provide the following documents

Passport: A valid passport issued by your home government to you. The passport must be valid for a minute or six months before your departure from the Philippines.

Flight Ticket: A return flight ticket date for your departure. The ticket must be, at most, the maximum number of days your visa allows.

Proof of Vaccination/Test: Like we pointed out at the beginning of this article, the Covid requirements must be met. Persons who have not been vaccinated must provide a negative test result to prove they don’t have Covid.

eTravel Portal: Registering with the eTravel Portal within 72 hours of arrival

Proof of Funds: The embassy will want to be sure that you have the required funds to cover your expenses. 

For this, you will need a bank statement stamped by your bank showing sufficient balance.

Cover Letter: A signed cover letter explaining why you want to make the trip.

Invitation Letter: If an entity or an individual has invited you, they must provide a letter to that effect. If the host is an organization, they must provide a letter written on their company letterhead.

It is wise to apply for the visa early as the process takes some time. Consider applying at least 2 months before the day you plan to travel. This will give the embassy enough time to sort out your application and issue the visa ahead of time.

After Your Arrival

In a situation where you arrive and begin to experience symptoms of Covid, and you rest positive at the airport, you will need to be quarantined by the Health Department of the Philippines if you are not fully vaccinated. Fully vaccinated will be asked to self-monitor for 7 days after their arrival for any signs of Covid. If they contract the virus, they will be asked to report to the Local Government health unit and self-isolate.

Note: The cost of quarantine is borne by the tourist, and this will include living costs and the cost of medical treatment.

The government of the Philippines has dropped mask mandates since 2022, except in healthcare facilities and public transport utilities. If you choose to wear masks in any other setting, you are free to do so as you will not be discouraged or completed.

Can you travel to the Philippines without vaccinations? Yes, you can, as the authorities have dropped vaccine mandates for visitors. However, they must observe the health protocols explained in this article.

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