Norway schengen visa requirements

Norway Schengen visa requirements are the collection of documents and eligibility criteria that all visitors interested in visiting the country must meet before getting visas. This post focuses on them and the application procedure.

Norway – Northern Europe

Norway is a Northern European country comprising mainly Jan Mayen Island, Queen Maud Land in the Antarctic region, and the Svalbard archipelago. It is one of Europe’s sparsely populated countries most sparsely populated countries relative to its land size of 385 252 km2. The country has a 5.4 million population, and they live in cities surrounded by coastlines, skiing ranges, fjords, and lots more. One fascinating thing about Norway is the everlasting sun that shines from dusk till dawn, earning it the moniker “Land of the Midnight Sun.” It is one of the biggest Nordic countries on the continent, with the fourth-highest per Capita income in the world.

The citizens live comfortable lives with relatively high living standards. Norway is a member of the EFTA, the EEA, and the Council of Europe. It joined the Schengen Zone on March 25, 2001, and has been an issuer of Schengen visas ever since. The visa rejection rate in Norway is near 6%, with hundreds of thousands of applications processed yearly.


Norway Schengen Visa Eligibility

Who is eligible for a Norway visa?

Valid Passport Holders: Only visitors with a valid passport that will last three months beyond the last day they plan to stay in Norway are eligible for visas. Passports older than ten years or will expire in less than three months are not accepted.

Short Visits: Only visitors coming for short visits to Norway are eligible for Schengen visas. Visits that take more than 90 days are not suited for Schengen visas.

Financial Capacity: Visitors must be financially capable of covering their expenses during their stay, including flight tickets and hotel fees (if they are not staying with their family or friends.

The eligibility conditions are mandatory for all visa applicants.

Schengen Visa Conditions

You should know some of the conditions attached to the visa application. We review some of them.

90/180 Rule

The 90/180 rule is sacrosanct, and all visitors must abide by it during their stay in Norway. This rule is easy to interpret and should be remembered at all times. The rule simply states that Schengen visitors are only permitted to stay in Norway or any of the Schengen countries for 90 days and not a day more. If they wish to stay for 91 days and above, they must apply for a long-term visa instead.

Primary Destination Rule

This rule states that visitors who wish to visit more than one country with a visa must pick the first country as their primary destination, and this is the country they must visit before journeying to other countries in the zone.

Not For Work Or Study Rule

With this visa, visitors cannot work in Norway or inside the Schengen area. If they must study with it, the course must not last for more than the 90 days approved. Those interested in working must apply for a work visa which guarantees them a work and residency permit.


Norway Schengen Visa Requirements

Here are the documents you must provide

  • Application form duly signed and completed

  • Valid passport with at least three months validity beyond the departure date

  • Proof of financial means

  • Proof of accommodation

  • Cover letter

  • Round trip itinerary

  • Invitation letter, if required

  • Visa fee receipt

  • Travel medical insurance with €30,000 coverage minimum

  • Civil status certificate

  • Two recent photographs that meet Schengen requirements

Types of Schengen Visas For Norway

Foreigners from non Schengen countries may apply for the following visas to Norway

  • Transit Visa

  • Visitor Visa

  • Tourist Visa

  • Medical Treatment Visa

  • Official Visa

  • Business Visa

  • Study Visa

  • Cultural exchange Visa

These visas are all for short-term visits that should not exceed 90 days. We implore you to apply for a national visa for longer visits instead.

Norway National Visa Vs. Schengen Visa

A Norway national visa and a Schengen visa are both issued by the Norwegian embassy but have different features. While the national visa is a long term visa that is only recognized within the borders of Norway, the Schengen visa is a short term visa recognized by all 27 Schengen countries and other non Schengen countries like Croatia, Cyprus, Bulgaria, and Romania. Long term visas are valid for one year and above, while Schengen visas are valid for only six months.

Visa Application Fee

The application fee is €40 for 6-11 year olds and €80 for 12 years olds and above. This fee is not refundable after payment and is mandatory before the application is processed. Only applicants that meet the Norway Schengen visa requirements will be issued the visa.

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