Is it easy to get schengen visa from Norway

Is it easy to get Schengen visa from Norway? What is the success rate for applications, and how long would I need to wait to get the visa?

These are some of the common questions travelers ask when planning a trip to Norway, but they must do so with a visa. Planning a trip abroad takes a lot of preparation, but not all the factors are within your control, especially as it involves granting visas. This responsibility lies with the Norwegian embassy in your country, and without the visa, all your plans will amount to nothing.

Who Needs A Visa For Norway?

Not everyone needs a visa for Norway, and visitors are grouped into two classes: those from visa-exempt countries and those from non visa exempt countries. Before you even request a visa, you need to know which category you fall into, and we review both below.

Visa Exempt Countries: Visitors from visa exempt countries do not need visas to visit Norway for short trips. There are currently 63 countries whose citizens don’t need visas to enter Norway, most of which are first and second world countries. Rather than request a visa at the airport or border crossing, Norwegian immigration will request a valid passport for now. However, by the start of 2024, a special visa waiver called ETIAS will be required. Etias is not a visa but a validation and identification document.

Non-Visa Exempt Country: The second visitor category is those from non visa exempt countries. Persons from non-visa exempt countries will require visas to enter Norway. Most countries on this list are third world countries, and the Schengen visa is especially for them.

Is It Easy To Get Schengen Visa From Norway?

Based on the percentage of rejection rate, Norway has one of the highest rejection rates of all Schengen nations. Top of the list is Belgium which rejects an average of almost 17% of all visa applications submitted at their embassies abroad. Sweden and Portugal have over 10% rejection rates, while France is a 9.6% rejection. Norway has a rejection rate of 8.7% on average. While this rate is not very high on average, it is still noteworthy.

However, getting your visa application approved is possible, and yours should be easy if you meet all the requirements expected of you.

How Long Can Visitors Stay In Norway With A Visa?

This visa allows visitors to stay in Norway for 90 days, but it has to be within the valid 180 days period. The duration remains the same if they travel to another Schengen country, and the time starts counting once they set foot in Norway or any other country in the zone.

How To Boost Your Chances of Getting Your Application Approved

If you want to boost your chances, here are some tips to bear in mind.

Be Sure Of Your Eligibility: You have to be sure you are eligible for the visa before applying. Your trip must be short term and not exceed the mandatory 90 day window. If it will, the embassy will reject your application.

Financial Means: You want to make sure that you have the financial means to cover your expenses. If you have a sponsor, the sponsor must provide a financial statement with sufficient funds to support your trip. Many applications are rejected because of financial insolvency on the part of the applicant.

Correct Information: You need to be careful when filling out the application form. Errors are enough grounds for rejections. Every section must be correctly filled out, and the form must be signed.

Valid Documents: Your documents must be valid and complete. Check each document and ensure they comply with the requirements before submitting them for processing.

Apply To A Different Country: The surest way to boost your chances of landing the visa is to apply to a country with a history of high approval rates. Lithuania has the highest visa approval rate with 98.7%, followed by Estonia with 98.4% and Finland with 98.3%. Other countries with 90% approval are Poland, Latvia, and Iceland. If you apply to any of these countries, your chances of getting a visa are almost sure if you meet the requirements.

Norway Visa Application Fee

There is a mandatory visa application fee, without which you can’t submit your documents application form. The fee is €80 for 12 and older-year-olds, while children between 6 and 11 years pay €40. Those under 6 pay no fees

Schengen visa Documents

  • Application form

  • Passport

  • Two photographs

  • Cover letter

  • Proof of financial means

  • Proof of accommodation

  • Letter of invitation (optional)

  • Civil status certificate, where applicable

  • Visa fee receipt

Is it easy to get Schengen visa from Norway? Yes, it is if you meet all the requirements.

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Visa type
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