Norway schengen visa application

The Norway Schengen visa application is still on for those looking to travel to Norway for a short visit. The application form is available online and can either be printed out and filled out by hand or typed and printed out for onward submission. Applicants who wish to visit the Nordic country, or any other Schengen country for that matter, will have to visit the embassy to submit their application forms and other documents for processing.


The Kingdom of Norway is a Nordic country in Northern Europe comprising the Scandinavian Peninsula, the largest part of the country including other islands and regions such as Queen Maud Land located in Antarctica, the Svalbard Archipelago, and the Jan Mayen Island. Overall, Norway is one of the biggest countries in Europe, with a Land Mass of 385,352 square miles; however, it is sparsely populated relative to its land mass.

The Kingdom has a population of just 5.4 million people. Norway has an abundance of fjords and an extensive coastline running for miles from the South to the North. The land also enjoys a midnight sun similar to other Nordic countries, where the natural light persists until very late at night. Norway is an economically strong country with one of the largest sovereign wealth funds in the world. It has the fourth largest per Capita income globally, which best explains why most of the citizens have extremely high living standards.

In addition, Norway is a member of the Council of Europe, European Free Trade Association, Schengen Zone, and the European Economic Area. The Kingdom officially became a Schengen country in 2001 after signing the Schengen agreement. This allowed travelers to apply for the Norway Schengen visa like every other Schengen State. Every year, hundreds of thousands of applicants apply for visas to visit Norway, and less than 6% of eligible applicants are rejected.

If you wish to visit Norway, you will have to schedule an appointment with the Norwegian embassy in your country to submit your application.

 Who Needs A Norway Schengen Visa?

This visa is required for applicants from third-world countries and countries not on the visa-exempt list. There are currently more than 60 countries on the visa-free list, so if your country is not on the list, you must apply for a visa.

Norway Schengen Visa Processing Time

The processing time for the multiple entry visa is a minimum of 15 calendar days after submitting your application. Your Norwegian Schengen visa may be issued to you sooner or later. Depending on the situation at the time you apply. As a general rule, applicants are advised to submit their applications at least two months before the day they plan to travel.

Norway Visa Fee

All applicants must pay the processing fee for this visa except those under the age of six and above 80 years of age; applicants in the age brackets are exempt from paying the fee. The standard fee for 12-80-year-olds is €80 while the fee for 6-11-year-old is €40. 

This fee is not a guarantee that you will get the visa and is not refundable.

Norway Schengen Visa Entry Requirements

To get this visa, there are entry documents you must submit to the embassy. These documents must be valid and bear your details; otherwise, they will be rejected. Let us go through them.

Norway Visa Application Form: You must complete and sign a visa application form with all the sections completed.

Photo: Two recent passport photographs with a neutral expression, mouth closed, and your entire face showing clearly. The photos must meet Schengen requirements and avoid wearing glasses.

Valid Passport: You need a valid passport issued by your home country not later than ten years ago. The Passport Must have at least two pages free for stamps and must also have a minimum of three months' validity beyond the date you plan to depart Norway.

Previous Visa: If you have a previous visa, you should include it in your application for review. The visa may be to any other Schengen country or a country outside the Schengen area.

Health Insurance: You will need coverage that can provide funding for medical emergencies to the tune of at least €30,000.

Round Trip Itinerary: A round trip flight Itinerary fully booked and showing the entry and departure dates from Norway.

Accommodation: The embassy would like to know where to plan to stay. You can get a hotel reservation for this.

Financial Means: Proof of financial means. You must show that you can meet your personal daily expenses with a minimum of €55, and the fee is much lower for students.

Cover Letter: A cover letter explaining why you want to visit Norway, including other details.

These are the documents you must attach to your Norway Schengen visa application form.

Your travel destination  
Visa type
Your citizenship
Living in
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