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Nigeria, located on the west coast of Africa, is a colorful, traditional place filled with beautiful nature and home to the very popular city of Lagos. This country offers many activities for its visitors that help highlight the country’s rich culture, history, and nature.

There are many beautiful places and sites to see in Nigeria, but among the many exciting places, one place for sure attracts many tourists’ attention, which is the Osun-Osugbo Sacred Grove. However, if you’re not traveling to Nigeria as a tourist and your purpose isn’t just exploring the country to see its wondrous sites, and instead, you’re just visiting the country to undertake business and other business-related activities, you will have to be aware of a couple of things regarding applying for a business visa to Nigeria.

This guide will inform you about the many important things you should keep in mind when applying for a business visa for Nigeria. Any queries you have regarding Nigeria visas will also be sorted out in this guide.

Nigeria Visa Information

The Nigerian embassy needs all travelers that are applying for a visa to Nigeria from the UK or Ireland to give biometric data, especially fingerprints, when they’re completing their visa application forms. Therefore, Visa applicants from the UK and Ireland will have to arrive in person at the Visa Application Centre in London. Only applicants under 5 and diplomatic passport holders will not have to visit the visa application center.

Generally, for Nigeria, every citizen from any country besides the citizens from the countries that have been put on the ban list and ECOWAS Nationals who don’t need a visa to enter Nigeria can apply for a Nigerian visa to enter the country. However, Nigerian business visas on arrival are for all travelers besides ECOWAS member countries who don’t need a visa to enter Nigeria.

Nigeria Business Visa

Nigeria is a stunning country to visit as a tourist, but it’s more than just nature. Nigeria is the biggest producer of Crude oil in Africa. Nigeria doesn’t only provide opportunities to entrepreneurs from the continent but also from countries all over the world for business.

To do business in Nigeria, you will require a Nigerian business visa. There are several things to carry out for undertaking business in a foreign country, but most importantly, a Nigerian business visa is what you will need for business-related activities. A Nigerian business visa is a permit that allows you to carry out business in Nigeria.

A business visa allows you to undertake business, attend business meetings, business conferences, client meetings, build business partnerships, business meetings for a branch of a different organization or your own organization, and so on. The average validity for a business visa for Nigeria for a month is a stay of 14 days.

Nigeria Temporary Work Visa

A temporary work visa for Nigeria is a single-entry visa needed by expatriates that are invited to Nigeria to carry out short-term specialized skill assignments. These skill assignments include installations, repairs, equipment maintenance, research work, feasibility, account auditing, etc. 

Anyone who is experienced in any particular skill set and is prepared and ready to start a job assignment in Nigeria is eligible. The process for acquiring a temporary work visa in Nigeria needs your hiring organization to make a formal R11 application first to the Comptroller General of Immigration.

The application form must include what skill sets the applicant has experience in and the assignments the applicant will carry out in Nigeria. The hired applicant will also have to be willing to take on immigration responsibilities.

Business Travel Visa Requirements for Nigeria

To apply for a Nigerian visa, you will follow an online and offline procedure to acquire your business visa for Nigeria.

To apply online:

  • Visit VisaHQ, select Nigeria as the country of destination, and select your country as the origin country.

  • Fill out the visa application form, pay the fee and print out the application form.

  • Attach two photographs to the application form.

  • You can hand over the documents required for applying for the visa to the designated visa application center or submit the documents and form by yourself by visiting the Nigerian embassy.

  • After submitting the documents, you have to visit the OIS center for biometrics when the embassy verifies your application form and documents.

Your documents will be processed by the embassy officials, and a stamp will be given on your passport.

The mandatory documents needed to acquire a business visa for Nigeria are as follows:

  • A valid passport with at least a validity of 6 more than your duration of stay.

  • A passport with at least two blank pages.

  • Two-way flight tickets.

  • Proof of sufficient funds for the trip.

  • Invitation letter from the company.

  • Proof that you’re healthy enough to travel to Nigeria by providing a certificate of Polio Vaccination and a Certificate of Yellow Fever Vaccination.

Visa Policy of Nigeria

Nigeria is a West African country with a viable visa policy. This policy is designed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Assembly and executed by the Nigerian Immigration Service. Under the laws of the country, any visitor interested in entering its territorial borders must do so with a visa unless their country is on the visa-exempt list. All visitors are also required to hold passports valid for at least 6 months regardless of whether they need visas or not.

Nigeria Visa-Free Countries

Currently, there are over a dozen countries on the visa-free list, and most of them are fellow West African countries that are members of the Economic Community of West African. ECOWAS countries abide by the ECOWAS protocol which allows fellow citizens of member states to stay in their respective countries without visas for up to 90 days.

During this time they are free to go about their respective activities without restrictions provided they don't work or study in their country of residence or engage in unlawful activities.

Apart from this group, Kenyan nationals are also allowed to visit to stay for up to 90 days without visas. 

Furthermore, visas are not required for former Nigerian nationals who hold expired Nigerian passports with valid foreign passports. There is also visa-free entry for service and diplomatic passport holders from South Africa, China, Brazil, and Namibia, while Turkish diplomatic passport holders don’t need visas either. There is also a yet-to-be-ratified visa Exemption for Vietnamese and Chinese public affairs, service, and diplomatic passport holders. For 30 days visa-free visits.

Eligibles e Visa Approved Countries

Nigeria has an electronic visa for foreigners who may wish to visit for a short time. Such visitors are expected to hold written e-visa-approved documents issued by the Immigration Department in the capital of Abuja. To get the written e visa approval, the applicant must first complete an online application form and submit for approval.  This form must have soft copies of travel documents attached and a visa processing fee paid with a debit or credit card.

The Immigration Department responsible for handling online visa applications will process the form and issue a signed visa approval within 72 hours after receiving the application.

Electronic visas are issued for tourism, business and transit and not for any other purpose like work, study or residency. It is valid for 14 days after which it expires if the holder doesn't use it. Once in the country, visitors are only allowed to stay for up to 30 days. 

Note: Persons who wish to stay for much longer or visit for any other purpose must visit the Nigerian embassy or consulate in their respective countries to apply for the visa.

Key Information About Nigeria e Visa

Before you start the application process, here are some important details to bear in mind.

Only For Eligible Visitors: Electronic visas are only for eligible visitors not for all foreigners. If you are not a citizen from an eligible country with a valid passport your application for this visa will not be approved. Do check your country's eligibility status before deciding whether to apply or not.

Only For Short Visits: The Nigerian e-visa is designed for only short-term visits. This means that it cannot be used for long stays or permanent residency as it is only for 2 weeks. If you want to stay for much longer, you must submit a visa application to any of the foreign missions abroad.

Not For Employment: It is also important to point out that this e-visa is not for any form of employment in the country, as there is a separate work visa. In the case of business visitors, they must not engage in any activity that will earn them direct remuneration, as that will be a violation.

Special Requirements For Minors: In a bid to combat child trafficking, the Nigerian government is very strict about the movement of minors. If you wish to travel with your child, you must present valid and original documents to prove your relationship. Your birth certificate and that of the child must be presented. In the case of guardians, they must present a signed and notarized parental consent letter by both parents. If one parent is deceased, they must show a death certificate to that effect.

Same Passport Must Be Used: It is important to use the same passport as that is the one registered to the portal of the Nigerian Immigration Service. If you travel with a different passport, it will be assumed that you don’t have a visa and will not be allowed into the country.

Travel Through Designated Routes: When traveling to Nigeria on an electronic visa or any visa for that matter it is best to travel through designated routes. Some of the borders leading into the country can be quite porous and risky so you want to avoid such routes. It is best to use the approved routes of entry especially if you are traveling by land.

Print A Copy: Always travel with a physical copy of our e visa once you get it. You should print out the copy and keep it in a safe place while planning for your trip. At the entry point, border control officers will ask for the document; once you are inside Nigeria you may be asked to show proof of legal entry when you least expect so a copy will save you a lot of trouble.

Filing For Extension: The National Immigration Agency is the body responsible for processing visa extension in Nigeria and all visitors looking to extend their visa must apply for an extension by submitting a signed letter to the Comptroller General of Immigration. The letter should explain the reason for the extension and other key details. However, the extended duration will be determined by the officer handling your application

Nigeria Visa Online – Get your Nigeria e-Visa with VisaHQ

Did you know you can apply for an online visa to Nigeria with VisaHQ? The West African country has an electronic visa which is available to foreign nationals from eligible countries. If your country is on the list, you don’t have to visit the Nigerian foreign mission to apply in person; with VisaHQ, you can submit your electronic visa application from the comfort of your home using a smartphone and get feedback within days.

How To obtain A Visa With VisaHQ

Applying for an online visa using VisaHQ’s tested and trusted platform is perhaps one of the easiest ways to get a visa. Our application process is straightforward, and you don’t need a third party to guide you, as you can do it yourself. All you need is an internet connection and a smartphone or computer. Here are the steps to take.

Fill out the application form: You must fill out the application form on our platform after choosing one of the available visas. There are different sections requiring different information, so take your time to complete them and avoid errors.

Upload Your Documents: The next step is to upload your documents like the bio-data page of your passport, digital photograph, airline ticket, etc. Note that invalid, fake, or expired documents will lead to application rejections. Then submit for approval.

Get your Visa: The visa will be forwarded to your email address once approved. Make sure you print it out and travel with it.

Why Use VisaHQ?

When you use VisaHQ, you are guaranteed a value-added service with little or no margins for error. 

Many have come to trust us with their online applications, and you should do the same. We make the process relatively easy for you, and you get to enjoy.

  • Fast and easy application
  • Speedy technical support
  • Apply for multiple visas
  • Save your data for reuse
  • Online application status tracking

All these and more are what you stand to gain if you apply for your online visa to Nigeria with VisaHQ. 

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