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From varying species of various exotic animals to some of the oldest locations in the world, Nigeria is known for many things, such as its striking greenlands, vast amounts of nature, and rich culture. After the Nigerian tourist visa was introduced, the country has been a highlight of tourism. Every year, the country attracts millions of tourists wanting to explore this beautiful country.

The beautiful Nigeria isn’t only good for sightseeing and exploring as a tourist, it’s the largest producer of crude oil in Africa, and it not only provides opportunities to entrepreneurs from the continent but also from all over the world.

To undertake business opportunities, you will need a business visa, but whether business or tourism, Nigeria is a wonderful place to visit regardless of your purpose of visiting.

This guide will help inform you about all the visas of Nigeria and everything there is to know about each type of Nigerian visa.

Everything You Need To Know About Nigeria Visa

The embassy of Nigeria requires individuals applying for a Nigerian visa in the United Kingdom and Ireland to provide biometric data, specifically fingerprints, as part of the application process. The application process is simple and is partially online and partially requires you to visit the embassy.

There are various types of Nigerian visas for UK citizens, each of which is applied for a varied purpose of visit to the country. For example, a tourist visa is for travelers that want to travel to Nigeria as a tourist and spend their time in the country in sightseeing and exploring, a business visa is for travelers entering Nigeria for business-related errands, and a visitor visa is for which travelers who apply for when they want to travel to Nigeria to visit their friends and family.

How to Apply for Nigerian visas:

The application process for applying for Nigerian visas is a combination of online and offline processes. Follow the steps to apply for a Nigerian visa.

  • Visit VisaHQ, select Nigeria as the country you wish to travel to, and select the United Kingdom as the country of your nationality.

  • Fill out the online application form and pay the fees for the visa.

  • Print the application form out and the receipt of the payment.

  • On the filled-out visa application form, attach two photographs with other required documents and send them to the Nigerian embassy via email.

  • You can also go to the embassy of Nigeria to submit the application form and the required documents or give them to the visa application center.

  • After you’ve submitted the documents, visit the nearest OIS center for biometrics; meanwhile, the Nigerian embassy will verify your application form and provide documents.

When you’re filling out the form and providing the documents, ensure the information you provide is accurate and that there aren’t any mistakes or incomplete or incorrect data. If any mistakes are made, there are chances that your visa may get delayed or get rejected.

Nigeria tourist visa

A Nigerian tourist visa is needed for travelers that want to travel to the country as a tourist. It is a short-term visa which is only valid for 90 days.

Documents required for Tourist visa

  • Valid passport

  • Photographs.

  • Confirmed return ticket.

  • Certificate of Polio and Yellow fever vaccination.

  • Proof of accommodation.

Nigerian visitor visa

A Nigerian visitor visa is different from a tourist visa. A Nigerian visitor visa is needed when you want to travel to Nigeria to visit your family members or friends that are living in Nigeria. To get a visitor visa for Nigeria, you need an invitation from the person you’re visiting in Nigeria. The validity for a Nigerian tourist visa is also 90 days, but it can also be extended.

Documents required for Visitor visa

  • Valid passport.

  • Photographs.

  • Confirmed return ticket.

  • Certificate of Polio and Yellow fever vaccination.

  • Proof of accommodation.

  • Invitation letter from the host.

Eligibility of Visitor visa and Tourist visa

There are several things you need to remember when applying for a Nigerian tourist visa or visitor visa. The following requirements will verify your eligibility for Nigerian tourist visas and visitor visas.

  • Proof of confirmed visit to the country, such as pre-bookings.

  • Proof of purpose of visit, such as if you’re traveling as a visitor, then an invitation from the resident of Nigeria will be needed, or if you’re traveling as a tourist, you’ve to visit Nigeria for tourism only.

  • You must be healthy enough to travel. You must also perform a medical test.

  • You must have sufficient funds to travel to Nigeria.

Nigeria business visa

A Nigerian business visa is required if you’re traveling to the country as a tourist. With a Nigerian business visa, you can attend business meetings and conferences and undertake business.

Eligibility of Nigerian business visa

  • Must provide proof of business ownership.

  • Must be healthy enough for travel. You must also perform a medical test.

  • Must have sufficient funds.

Documents required for business visa

  • Valid passport.

  • Photographs.

  • Confirmed return ticket.

  • Certificate of Polio and Yellow fever vaccination.

  • Invitation letter from Nigerian company.


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