Jordan visa for green card holders

The Kingdom of Jordan is one of the countries in the Middle East with its capital in Amman, and the authorities issue the Jordan visa for Green card holders through its embassies in the United States and other countries. Many visitors to the country do so as tourists to enjoy the scenic and historic sights and sounds. One of the famous tourist centers is the City of Petra which attracts thousands of visitors annually. The city is an epicenter of historical relics and ruins dating back several millennia left over by civilizations that once dominated the area.

Getting a Jordanian visa is easier than some would lead you to believe because the government of Jordan, through its embassies, makes the visa application process seamless. Below, we give a detailed description of the visa and how to get it.


Do US Green Card Holders Need A Jordanian Visa?

US green card holders need a visa to enter Lebanon unless they are originally citizens of a visa-exempt country. Jordan has a visa-exempt list that is constantly updating, so check if your country is listed; if it is, you don’t need a visa to enter the country, but a visa is mandatory. Visitors from visa-exempt countries can stay for 1-3 months without visas; these countries are

  • Bahrain – Israel – Egypt - Lebanon – Kuwait – Saudi Arabia – Palestine & Qatar – Tunisia – Turkey – Oman – United Arab Emirates

These countries are on the list, so their citizens can enter Jordan without visas even if they are green card holders.


Jordan Visa On Arrival

Travelers that require visas can get them on arrival at the airport. Not all of them will need to book an appointment with the Jordanian embassy for a visa; currently, many countries are on the visa on-arrival loss, so their citizens can apply and get the visa at the international airport in Amman once they touch down. These visas are available at the Queen Alia International Airport and the Aqaba International Airport. At the King Hussein and Allenby Bridge crossing, the immigration officers also issue the visa. Once they get the visa, they can enter legally.

How To Get A Visa On Arrival?

Once you arrive at any designated arrival points.

Approach The Counter: Approach the immigration counter or kiosk to engage the immigration officers. They will ask questions about your trip and intentions in Jordan and demand your visa, passport, and any other documents.

Hand Over Your Passport: The next step is to hand over your passport, hotel reservation, return ticket, and cash for the visa fee.

They will also want to see whether you have enough cash to sustain yourself; a bank statement will come in handy.

Once your visa is stamped, you can enter the country.

How Long Can You Stay With A Visa On Arrival?

Visa on arrival allows you to stay in Jordan for up to 30 days with a single entry. For a longer stay, you must visit the embassy in your country to apply for an embassy visa which can be a double or multiple-entry visa that allows you to stay for up to 8 months.

Application Fee

The application fee for this visa is $56 or is equivalent in Jordanian currency. This fee must be paid in cash or with a bank card.


Embassy Application

If you are a green card holder with plans to stay longer, there may be better options than the visa on arrival. In such a situation, you will need to apply for a long stay visa. Long-stay visas can be study, work, or family reunion visas with longer validity. 

For such visas, you will have to submit the documents to the embassy

  • Valid passport with six months validity minimum

  • Onward flight ticket reservation

  • Proof of funds

  • Proof of accommodation

  • Visa fee

  • Proof of negative HIV test

  • Business letter, where applicable

  • Admission letter for students

  • Proof of academic and work experience

These are the common documents they will ask you for but bear in mind that additional documents may be demanded of you.

Extending Your Jordanian Visa

It is possible to extend your visa as long as you submit the extension application before the current visa expires. With a visa on arrival, you can extend it for up to 60 days, while a normal visa issued by the Jordanian embassy can be extended for another six months.

Overstaying and not registering with the police will attract a fine when leaving the country. The usual charge is $2 for every day you overstay.

So a Jordan visa for green card holders is necessary unless you are from a visa-exempt country.

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