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• Alcoholic beverages – 3 bottles approx. 760cc
• Cigars – 100 Cigars
• Cigarettes – 400 cigarettes
• Other kinds of tobacco – 500 grams
• Perfume – 2 ounces
• The total overseas market value of all articles other than the above items must be under200,000yen. Any item whose overseas market value is under 10,000yen is free of duty and/or tax and is not included in the calculation of the total overseas market value of all articles.There is no duty-free allowance for articles having a market value of more than 200,000yen each or each set
• If you are carrying cash or other means of payment exceeding 1 million yen, you are required to declare to Customs. Please ask the Customs officer at seaport as well as airport for a blank form. Following items in excess of 1 million yen (or their equivalent) that needs to be declared:
- Cash, including foreign currency
- Checks
- Travelers checks
- Promissory notes
- Securities
- Gold bullion (not less than 90% purity) exceeding 1kg.


• Heroin, cocaine, MDMA, opium, cannabis, stimulants, psychotropic substances, and other narcotic drugs (excluding those designated by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Ordinance)
• Firearms, ammunition (bullets) thereof, and pistol parts
• Explosives - dynamite, gunpowder and other similar
• Precursor materials for chemical weapons
• Counterfeit, altered, or imitation coins, paper money, bank notes, or securities, and forged credit cards
• Books, drawings, carvings, and any other article which may harm public safety or morals obscene or immoral materials for example pornography
• Child pornography
• Articles which infringe upon intellectual property rights.


• Plants and animals must be presented to the plant or animal quarantine officer for quarantine inspection prior to Customs examination.
• There are quantity restrictions on the import of medicine and cosmetics.(e.g. for pharmaceutical products: amount for use for a period of 2 months; quasi-drugs: amount for use for a period of 2 months; cosmetics: 24 applications)
• No person shall bring hunting guns, air guns, swords, etc. into Japan without a permit to possess.