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Free import

• 400 cigarettes
• 100 cigars
• 1 pound of tobacco
• Combination of above proportionate quantities
• 1 Quart of wine
• 1 Quart of spirits
• Half pint of perfume
• There is a limit of 1,000 Ghanaian Cedi-GHS local currency which can be legally exported out of the country. Foreign currency equalling 5000USD can also be exported from the country.
• All travellers embarking in Ghana will need to pay a 50 USD Passenger service charge for international flights and a 1 GHS for a domestic flight.


• Illegal drugs
• Weapons, Explosives and Ammunition – unless permission has been obtained
• Knives and deadly weapons
• Counterfeit money
• Pornographic material
• Diseased animals and animal carcasses
• Plants and seeds – unless permission has been obtained
• Foreign soil


• Any cats, dogs or other animals being imported will require an Import permit from the Veterinary Head Office in Accra. Travellers will need to provide a veterinarian good health and rabies inoculation certificate alongside a copy of the import permit for the pet to be allowed entry into the country.
• Arms and ammunition legally entering the country will require a special permit from the ministry of the interior.
• Poultry products from certain countries will require permission from the Ministries of Trade and Agriculture.
• Live Plants and plant products will require a permit from the Ministry of Agriculture
Any rough or uncut diamonds will need a licence from the Ministry of Finance