Egypt visa for Brazilian citizens

Brazilians rarely venture into Africa, but when they do, Egypt is one of the countries on the mother continent that they visit with an Egypt visa for Brazilian citizens. The government of Egypt has simplified the visa application process so much that Brazilians have several options to choose from. We review the different application methods in this article and how they can go about it.


Do Brazilians Need Visa For Egypt?

For starters, it is important to note that Brazilians need visas to enter Egypt for whatever purpose. The visa is the only document issued to foreign citizens to enter and stay in the country legally for some time. Egyptian visas do not have the same validity, as some have longer validity than others. Also, the visa the visitor applies for must suit the purpose of their trip.

So what are the visa application options for Brazilian nationals? Let’s review them one after the other.

How To Apply For An Egyptian Visa?

Visa On Arrival

Brazil is on the visa on arrival list of Egypt, so Brazilian nationals qualify for it. This is why they can arrive at the airport without a visa and get one on the spot at the arrival section. A visa on arrival can be obtained at the Sharm El Sheikh Airport or Cairo International Airport. Entering Egypt through any other airport will not qualify the visitor for a visa on arrival as they are not issued anywhere apart from these two airports. A visa on arrival is valid for 30 days, and the visitor can stay in Egypt for that long.

To qualify for a visa on arrival, the immigration officers will request a valid Brazilian passport that will not expire in the next six months from the day the visitor arrives in Egypt. It must have at least 2 pages for the officers to affix their stamps. They must also provide a travel itinerary detailing a reserved hotel room and return flight ticket to Brazil. Hotels and flight tickets don’t have to be paid for; they are only reserved with evidence to show.

Lastly, they will need proof of funds to show that they have the financial capacity to stay in the country without any external support. Proof of Funds may be in the form of a bank statement for the last three months.

Visa From The Embassy

The most popular option for visitors coming to Egypt is to approach the Egyptian embassy in Brasilia or any of their consulates in Sao Paulo or any other city for a visa. Embassy applications are mandatory for long-term visas lasting 6 months and above. Common visas issued by the embassy and consulates are work visas, study visa, residency visas, diplomatic visa, family reunification visas, etc. It is necessary for the applicant to visit the embassy because these visas require security checks and quite a number of documents to sort out.

The process commences from the point they make contact with the embassy to book an application. The embassy will fix a date that the applicant must honor. On the set date, they must submit their documents to the visa and answer any questions they are asked about their trip. After the interview, they will be notified several days after regarding their trip. If they are successful, they will be asked to return to pick up their visa and passport.


Online Visa

Another way Brazilians can get a visa to Egypt is to submit their application online. The online method is the easiest since you don’t have to submit physical copies of your documents or wait in line at the embassy to sit for visa interviews. You can complete and submit the online form in 20 minutes or less with a smartphone or computer. You can also upload your documents for processing instead of physical copies. The Egyptian government launched the e visa program in 2017, which has been a success.

However, e visas are only for tourists and short family visits that will not take more than 30 days. There are two types of e visas; single entry e visa for a one-off visit and w multiple entry visa for multiple entries. The former is valid for 30 days while the latter is valid for 6 months, but they are only allowed to stay in Egypt for 30 days with both. To apply for an e visa, you will need to

  • Choose Egypt as your destination

  • Choose Brazil as your citizenship

  • Select e visa as your option

  • Complete the form

  • Attach travel documents

  • Pay the visa fee

  • Submit for approval

The processing time for an Egypt visa for Brazilian citizens depends on the application process. Visa on arrival is issued immediately, while e-visas take 3 days or less. However, conventional visas issued by the embassy take 15 working days.

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