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Ambouli international airport arrival is filled with tourist every year and Djibouti is getting its economic boost through the visit of tourist. The country has some amazing climate and beaches that makes it a perfect holiday destination country. If citizens of India want to enter Djibouti they need a valid passport, their travel document, a valid visa as per the visa policy of the country. After they enter Djibouti, they can enjoy hiking, trekking, sea, fishing, scuba diving and much more.

Djibouti Tourist Visa

The Djibouti tourist visa application is a single entry visa that allows entry in Djibouti and is valid for up to one or three months. The processing times are 5-7 business days with visa fees of $110 including the visa service fee. The Djibouti tourist visa is also available as an electronic visa, you can get details for the e visa as follows.

Djibouti E Tourist Visa

The Djibouti e tourist visa is for people wanting to enter Djibouti for tourism purposes. You can stay up to 90 days in the country with this e visa. This e visa allows you to fill a Djibouti online application with your personal details, pay the service fee, show the documents required and get a visa for 90 days through your e mail address. Using the online application process, you do not have to visit the Djibouti embassy and can be granted your Djibouti visa without issues.

Djibouti E Business Visa

The Djibouti e business visa is for business purposes. If you are applying for this type of Djibouti visa, then there are some additional documents required. This Djibouti visa is a single entry vise with validity of up to a month or three months. The visa processing times is 5 to 7 business days, and you can stay up to 90 days in Djibouti country with this e visa. The visa fees for business e visa are around $168 including the service fee. The visa requirements are simple, but the immigration officer might ask for some additional documents along with the application form.

Djibouti E Medical Visa

If citizens of India want to visit Djibouti for medical purposes. In such cases they will need to fill a Djibouti e medical visa application form. They can apply for an electronic visa and provide proof of doctor's recommendation and get a medical e visa. However, if you want to learn more then, visit the information pages present on the website of embassy or consulate and learn more. However, the generally required documents will be the same for this e visa. The processing times for this visa varies as per entry in Djibouti and medical invitation presented.

Djibouti Visa Requirements

You must submit the following documents along with your Djibouti online application form for your visa type. These are general documents required for the e visa application and every visa type will need some additional documents as per embassy rules.

  • A passport valid for at least six months after arrival in country or duration of your visas. The official passport must have blank pages.

  • Passport size pictures or for e visa, digital photograph with white background and clear applicant face. The passport photo with the white background must be in JPEG or PNG formats.

  • Yellow Fever Vaccination if applicable.

  • Flight schedule with entry and exiting Djibouti details.

  • Valid negative PCR test.

  • Hotel reservation with name of applicant and other details.

  • A payment method such as Debit card or Mastercard.

  • Invitation letter containing information of the host, purpose of visit, duration of visit, applicant name, travelers' accommodation in the country, signature and date. The applicant will also have to present Djibouti ID number and passport of the host.

  • Some additional documents if required by the embassy or government of the country. Djibouti has some travel restrictions for some countries, so travelers have to follow the rules of Djibouti government and must know all the details and documents required documents prior to filling their Djibouti online application form.

Djibouti E Visa Application

To apply for a single entry Djibouti online e visa you can visit the VisaHQ website and complete your Djibouti online application. There are some travel restrictions for the e visa so it is better to learn about them before applying for the e visa. To learn about e visa travel restrictions and other information, you can contact embassy or VisaHQ. Below is how you can apply for e visa through VisaHQ.

First the applicant must fill their personal details and complete the online e visa application form at VisaHQ website. Then they must submit the required document based on their Djibouti visa. For example, you have a tourist visa you will need to submit the general document or if a business visa, then for a business visa you have to submit business invitation, business card details, etc.

You must present your valid passport with validity of at least six months and letter stating your purpose of visit. You also have to show your hotel reservation along with other document. Then after submitting the document, you must proceed with the payment for visa. The payment varies with countries, and you can find details online regarding Djibouti tourist visa or business fee for India.

After paying online, you will have to wait for an appointment letter because the embassy might call you before they grant you your Djibouti visa. Once the visa is granted, you can travel to Djibouti till the visa expiry date.

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