Djibouti e-Visa

E visas are visas that enable the visa application process to take place virtually. In this article, we will discuss the Djibouti e visa application process. We will also go over the Djibouti visa requirements that you must fulfill to arrive at the Ambouli international airport.

Djibouti Tourist E Visa

The Djibouti tourist e visa is a single entry visa, which enables you to stay in the country for 14 or 90 days. The fee for this Djibouti e visa is $ 81 (14 days) and $ 82 (90 days). The Djibouti tourist visa process typically takes 5 business days. The visa validity is 90 days.

Djibouti Business E Visa

The Djibouti Business e visa is also a single entry visa and it enables travelers to stay in the country for 14 or 90 days. The fee for this Djibouti e visa is $ 81 (14 days) and $ 82 (90 days). The Djibouti business e visa process typically takes 5 business days. The validity for this visa is 90 days.

Transit E Visa

The Djibouti transit visa is a single entry visa and is offered through an electronic visa system. This is a single entry Djibouti evisa and enables foreigners to stay in the country for 14 days. The validity of this transit visa is 90 days. The total cost of this visa is $ 71.

Djibouti E Visa Requirements

Copy of Valid Passport

You will need to submit a passport copy for the Djibouti visa application process. Just scan the front page of your visa application and submit it. However, for the application process, you should have a valid passport and your signature should be on it. Please keep in mind that need to have your passport valid.

Passport-type Photograph

Please ensure the photograph was taken in the last six months. You can also take this photo by a cellphone, however, you should stand against a white wall before you take the photo.


A detailed itinerary or a copy of hotel reservations should be submitted for your Zambia visa application. The name of the applicant should be on the itinerary.

Host's ID

Please submit a copy of the host's ID. If you cannot submit a copy of the ID, please submit a copy of the passport. No matter if it's a single entry or double entry visa, this requirement needs to be fulfilled.

Personal Invitation

If you are visiting family members or your friends, you must submit a letter of invitation. The letter of info, information should contain the contact information of the visitor and host, the duration of the trip, confirmation of accommodation, and the purpose of the trip. The invitation should also have the host's date and signature.

Hotel Reservation

You will need to submit a copy of the hotel reservation. The reservation should have the applicant's name on it.

How to apply for Djibouti Electronic Visa?

There are many ways foreign nationals can apply for the Djibouti visa travel document. Foreign nationals can also let VisaHQ offer you Djibouti visa services. There are many ways you can apply for the Djibouti visa or the Djibouti tourist visa.

The most common way of applying for a Djibouti electronic visa is online. The process of applying for the Djibouti visa online is straightforward and we have discussed it below:


To create an account, just go to the website. No service fee is charged to make the account. Once you have made the account, you can proceed to the Djibouti visa application form.

Application Form

A private visa agency always asks its clients to fill out an application form. However, you don't require special skills to fill out this e visa form, you just need to provide basic information. Please check all the information once you are done filling out the form.


The Djibouti visa requirements are given above, so go through them and attach the documents with the form. Please remember that the documents should be valid and up to date, otherwise your electronic visa application will not be processed. Also, please ensure that all your documents for the electronic visa application are attested.

Form Submission

The last thing you will need to do is submit the form. If all your documents are valid, you should receive the Djibouti visa in 5 business days.

Is there a Service Fee?

A service fee is not charged when you apply for a visa for Djibouti. However, you will need to pay the regular charges of the visa. The charges depend on the type of visa you are applying for. e visa e visa service fee visa for Djibouti visa for Djibouti visa for Djibouti Djibouti evisa

Who is Eligible for the Djibouti visa?

You can be of any age to get a visa for Djibouti, so there are no age restrictions. However, to enter Djibouti, you will need to be fully vaccinated. Without vaccination proof, you won't be allowed to enter Djibouti. Please ensure you get vaccinated days before entering Djibouti and that you have a valid visa.

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