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Djibouti also referred to as the Pearl of Gulf of Tadjoura is an amazing country. It is known for imports and exports from neighboring countries like Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, etc. If you are looking to visit Djibouti, then here are some travel tips that you can take advantage from. If you want to more on how you can get a Djibouti visa in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia as Ethiopian citizens then below are all the details and visas you are looking for.

Djibouti Tourist Visa

The Djibouti tourist visa application is a short stay visa that Ethiopia citizenship holders can gain. The Ethiopian citizens can enter Djibouti on a single or multiple entry visa. This tourist visa is valid for up to a year and offers either three months or one year stay in the country based on your visa type and application.

Djibouti Business Visa

The Djibouti business visa application is generally regarded as a long stay visa. Travels from other countries must get a visa to enter Djibouti, if they plan to stay for more than the allowed time. The business visa is also valid for one year and offers one month or one year stay in the country that you get to select when you are applying for the visa application.

Note: Both Djibouti tourist visa and business visa can be applied online as e visa applications and are generally processed the same day unless there are some missing documents or some other issues with the application.

Djibouti E Visa Application

The Djibouti e visa application is completed online. You have to go to VisaHQ website and then fill in your personal details and passport details. Once, you have completed the visa online form then you have to pay your visa fee for the trip to the country. Everything in the e visa application is completed online and you might not have to make a trip to the Djibouti embassy in Ethiopia unless it is a request from the consulate.

Djibouti Visa Required Documents

The following documents are some general requirements that you as Ethiopia citizen must provide along with your application. However, Djibouti embassy or consulate in Ethiopia can ask for some additional documents for different type of visas. For example, for family visit, business trip, student, student visa, etc.

  • A complete visa form; filled and signed by the applicant.

  • An original passport. You should have a passport valid for at least six months after your visa expiration date or departure date from Djibouti. You must also submit scanned passport pages and your passport must have blank pages.

  • Two passport size and type photographs. The passport size photographs must have white background and applicant face must not be covered.

  • Hotel reservation. You should not fully book a hotel, just reserve it so you can cancel it if you do not get a visa.

  • Yellow Fever Certificate

  • Flight ticket details

  • A Debit card or Mastercard to pay for visa services and visa fee. You can pay the visa fee in your own currency or get is converted and pay in official currency of Djibouti that is Djiboutian Franc.

  • If you are visiting for a specific purpose than tourism, then you will need to provide letter of acceptance to the consulate as per the request of Djibouti government. It can be an acceptance letter for university, a business invitation letter, or other letters that are requested by the Djibouti government as per the visa rules and regulations.

For further assistance or services information, you can ask VisaHQ or the Djibouti consulate.

Djibouti Visa Application Form

To apply for a Djibouti Visa whether it is a Djibouti tourist visa or a business visa, you will need to submit an application form. You can get the Djibouti visa application form online or through the embassy. To get a Djibouti visa online you can simply visit VisaHQ and get your Djibouti visa application form completed. However, Ethiopian nationals can also get their Djibouti visa application form through Djibouti Embassy present in Addis Ababa.

After filling the form, you have to submit the visa application form along with other documents required by the Embassy of Djibouti. Once, they receive visa applications either for a visa online or by hand, you can then proceed to payment. This is a non-refundable payment that you must pay if you want visa processing to start. This visa fee is different as per the visa type.

For further information or queries on Djibouti entry visa you can contact VisaHQ or your nearest embassy. Once, you obtain your visa, you are allowed to travel to Djibouti and enter the country.

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