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Travelers have been attracted to Brazil for years because of its natural beauty and cultural richness. This is why Brazil has made its arrival facility quite easy for foreigners. Many countries are granted entry to Brazil upon successful completion of the documents required, but India citizens are free of visa requirement if they stay a minimum of ninety days in the country. If they are staying longer, they need a tourist visa, business visa, or one visa from the following categories. So, let's discuss in detail the documents required and visa application for the following categories.

Tourist Visa Application

The tourist visa application is a single entry visa with up to three months of validity. This visa is valid for up to ninety days and takes around 15-20 business days processing time. You must submit the following documents to proceed with your visa application.

  • Application form.

  • A valid passport with a minimum of six months' entry with blank pages.

  • Proof of sufficient amount of money for your trip.

  • Copy of onward travel or return ticket.

  • Medical letter.

  • Hotel reservations for at least one month.

  • Documents required for your next destination.

  • Cost and payment method such as Mastercard or debit card for the visa fee.

Tourist E Visa Application

The electronic tourist visa is known as a tourist e visa. This tourist visa is also valid for three months with an allowance of a single entry. The e visa processing takes less time than a standard tourist visa, and you can apply for it through VisaHQ. You have to fulfill the following requirements.

  • Complete an online application form and create an account with VisaHQ.

  • Gather the following documents:

    • Valid passport.

    • Bank statements with money to pay for the trip expenses and visa fee.

    • Medical letter.

    • Hotel reservations are to be paid for at least one month.

  • Pay for your visa and visa services of VisaHQ through the web using a Debit or Mastercard.

  • Get complete advance payment slips of paid visa fee and attach them with the application.

  • Apply and wait for your application to get accepted.

  • You can also ask VisaHQ for your application status and contact the embassy or consulate to stay informed about the visa documents and process.

  • Once your visa is accepted, you will receive it via the email address that you have provided.

Business Visa Application

A business visa is a single entry visa valid for only three months. This visa allows you to stay in Brazil for 180 days a year and takes 15-20 working days for processing. You must contact your nearest embassy for information to apply for this visa. However, for processing the application, you will need the following documents.

  • Valid passport

  • Bank Statements to show your financial status.

  • You also need the documents under the heading "general requirements" for this visa.

  • Moreover, you will need to provide proof of work in Brazil. For example, a job or invitation proof stating the working hours, your arrival and exit in Brazil, trip details, etc.

Business E Visa Application

The business e visa application is applicable to India foreigners traveling to Brazil. They need to have a valid passport with an expiry date of at least six months from arrival in Brazil. A paid visa fee voucher, business employment or job letter, and other documents required. Then, you have to wait for word from the Brazilian embassy for your visa. Once granted the visa, you can make reservations and payment for your flight to Brazil.

You can apply for this visa through VisaHQ. You can access their web link and fill in the form. After that, send your documents and wait for a response from the embassy. The rules are subject to change with time so ensure you are informed about your trip and other things by checking the VisaHQ web page and their services before planning your trip to Brazil.

General Requirements

The following requirements are generally required for any Brazil visa. You must have these and the visa fee in your account to process the payment and get your visa granted or rejected.

  • Valid passport with a validity of six months after the date of arrival in Brazil.

  • Two passport type pictures.

  • Download and submit the Online application form for the visa of the applicants.

  • Confirmed flight tickets with the status of the flight and details.

  • Income tax returns for the past 3 months.

  • Bank statements for six months with some payment in the account.

  • Yellow fever vaccination, if applicable.

  • Child below seven years should have a polio vaccination certificate.

  • A child should be accompanied by one of their parents or family member.

  • Some additional documents, if applicable.

Brazil Visa On Arrival Facility

India can access the visa on arrival facility at the Brazil airport. If you plan to stay in Brazil for ninety days, you can get a free visa entry at the airport and renew the visa for ninety more days. However, within a year, they cannot exceed their stay above 180 days. They will need a valid passport, online application form, payment for visa fee on arrival, trip details, certain reservations, and other personal details that should be informed to the Brazilian consulate.

Note: If you are applying for different types of visas, then the following requirements are required. The visa can be multiple entries, single entries, or other types. You might have to submit an invitation, admission letter, and other family or personal documents, if applicable, based on your application.

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