How long does it take to get a visa to Brazil

Brazil is the only largest country in Latin and South America while fifth in the world. Brazil allows foreigners to visit Brazil for tourism, business, visit friends, family, and others from across the country. You will need a visa for Brazil if you plan to visit the country. The visa applicants can apply for different visa category to enter Brazil based on their purpose for travel and will need all the required documents to forward their Brazil visa application form.

Is There a Brazil e Visa Available?

No, the Brazilian government does not issue e Visas for foreign nationals. In the past, Australian, Japanese, Canadian, and US citizen were allowed to apply for Brazil evisa after completing the required documents and apply online for Brazil visa. However, the evisa is now discontinued as of 17th June 2019, but you can still apply online through outsourced Brazil visa stations.

Moreover, US citizens and other foreign nationals can now travel to Brazil with a free visa to Brazil that is free for stays up to ninety days. However, for a short stay longer than ninety days, a temporary visa application is required, and they have to apply for a Brazil visa at a Brazilian embassy. If you are a US citizen, you can apply through the consulate general in San Francisco.

Brazil Tourist Visa Application

A Brazil tourist visa application is valid for ninety days but is based on the Brazilian embassy technical services that you have selected. The Brazil visa might be issued for less time. Also, the visa category can affect the period of your Brazil visa.

Can You Extend Your Brazil Tourist Visa?

A Brazil tourist visa application can be extended based on the purpose of the stay. After you enter Brazil, you must apply for a visa extension and submit documents requested by the Brazilian government at the local office of the Brazilian Federal Police. Moreover, you should submit visa requirements and a Brazil visa application two weeks before your visa expires. Though, you cannot apply for a visa application earlier than a month.

Brazil Business Visa Application

The Brazil business visa is a visa type issued to nationals who are traveling to Brazil for business related purposes. The business visa category includes a ship or airplane crew visa. Individuals present for signing contracts, meetings, negotiations, reporting, etc.

This visa can be on a temporary basis or a permanent basis. However, you can select the type of entry you require, such as a single or multiple entry visa.

Brazil Work Visa

If you have a job in Brazil, you can apply for a Brazil visa for the work category. Your Brazilian company has to get your approval and an invitation letter from the Brazilian Ministry of Labor. Once the request is approved, they will notify the Brazilian consulate general of your home country. Then you can visit the Brazilian consulate general and submit a completed application for a Brazil visa and then Brazil visa fees.

The Brazil consulate general will stamp the visa on your passport, and then you can visit Brazil. In Brazil, you must register yourself with the Brazilian Federal Police within ninety days. You must fulfill some Brazil visa requirements and submit documents at the police station. These will include:

  • Employment letter

  • Notarized affidavits or tax returns

  • Letter from university and others.

  • If you plan to stay alone or with family members or friends, you must provide proof of your stay, such as hotel reservations or an invitation letter.

Any additional documents explaining why the visa applicant is present in the country are required. Such as:

  • Invitation letter from the Brazilian company.

  • Letter of non criminal record from federal police in your country

  • Ministry of labor approval

  • Family relation proof such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.

Brazilian Visa Requirements

You must get all the following documents for your Brazil tourist visa, transit visa, or any other visa type.

  • Original passport with two blank visa pages. You must have a valid passport for at least 6 months after you visit Brazil.

  • The Brazil tourist visa application form.

  • Passport type clear photograph of visa applicant with neutral facial expression.

  • Flight schedule

  • Bank statements and other proof of sufficient financial funds in visa applicants' bank accounts.

  • Proof of residence in Brazil, such as hotel reservation, etc.

Brazil Visa Application Requirement for Minor?

You will need additional documents for a Brazil visa for a minor. Along with the visa application form, a visa for Brazil will require the following:

  • Original birth certificate

  • Authorized visa application form, signed by both parents.

  • Notarized signatures should be present unless parents sign in front of the consulate general at the visa appointment.

  • Copy of both parents' identification documents.

Moreover, it is crucial to note that:

  • Their signature is required if the birth certificate contains only a single parent.

  • If the parent has single custody of the minor, a notarized copy of the court order stating the former and exclusive rights to the parents is required.

  • A death certificate is required if one parent is deceased.

Apply for a Visa to Brazil

Through the VisaHQ visa agency, you can apply for a Brazil visa online and complete all the visa services. You can go to their visa section and search for a new visa. Then start the application process. You must apply Brazil visa application form online and submit the required details.

After that, submit your travel document in digital form to complete the application process. These will include bank statements, certificates, and other required documents for a Brazil visa. Then pay the Brazil visa fees and wait for a response.

You might be called for a personal interview at the embassy to get your approved visa, so you should go to the consular section to check the nearby consulates in your country. However, if you need any technical assistance, you can contact VisaHQ representatives.

Brazil Visa Application Form Processing Time

The time it takes to process a Brazil visa varies depending on which Embassy or Consulate is processing your application. However, you should plan on waiting for 10 to 15 working days after submitting your entire application. Long-term visas may require more time. But remember to apply well before your intended departure, so you are one step ahead in your schedule, whatever the processing time is.

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