Brazil visa for Egyptian

Brazil is known for its amazing beaches, versatile cities and alluring rainforests. Many Egyptian citizens loves traveling to this destination. However, to travel to Brazil, the Egyptian citizens require Brazil visa and has to complete certain visa requirements. Even though, Egypt is on the visa free list for Brazil, still you have to apply for a Brazil visa if you are planning to stay in the country for more than ninety days.

Brazil Tourist Visa

The Brazilian visa for Egypt tourists is a single entry visa with a maximum stay up to ninety days. This visa usually processes within the same day and has a validity of up to three months. You can always opt for applying securely online, send documents required and have international travel from Egypt to Brazil. The visa fee for the tourist visa is usually $25 for Egyptian citizens because they lie under the visa free regime so only service fee and VAT charges are deducted.

Brazil Tourist Visa Application Requirements

The Brazilian government has started a visa free regime since 17th June, 2019. All the travelers can enter Brazil and stay for up to ninety days, this can be again extended for an additional ninety days. So, please remember if you are staying in Brazil for less than ninety days, you must:

  • Stay lower than 180 days within in a year.

  • Have a passport valid for at least six months upon the date of arrival in the country with one blank visa page

  • You have proof of sufficient funds, hold proof of forward travel or return travel itinerary.

  • Have all the documents required for your upcoming destination.

Brazil Business Visa

The Brazil business visa service offers a stay in Brazil for up to ninety days. The processing time of the Brazil visa is usually the same day and it is a single entry visa with up to three months validity. All the visa fees include the visa services fee, VAT and others which sums up to $25 for the Egyptian Citizens. If you are traveling to Brazil then you need to fulfill the following Brazil visa requirements.

Brazil Business Visa Application Requirements

Beginning on June 17, 2019, the Brazilian government has instituted a visa free policy. Brazil allows visitors to enter for stays up to ninety days, which can be extended for another ninety days. Please remember that even if staying for fewer than ninety days, you still need to:

  • Stay for fewer than 180 days in a calendar year.

  • Possess a passport that is at least six months old at the time of entrance and has one blank visa page.

  • Hold evidence of adequate finances hold a copy of your return or onward flight tickets.

  • Keep all the documentation needed for the next stop.

Brazil Embassy Passport and Visa Service

If you are applying through the Embassy of Brazil, then the here is a visa guidance for you to process your tourist visa and business visa application easily. The Brazilian government will finalize if they are giving you approval for your visa application or not. However, to apply for the visa, you must gather the following requirements and submit them at the Brazilian consulate or embassy. If you have any further questions related to your passport and visa service, you can contact VisaHQ. Your documents checklist for your simple visa application must include:

  • A valid passport

  • Passport size pictures with white background

  • Bank statement showing proof of sufficient funds

  • Visa application form

  • Travel itinerary

  • Details for your residence destination confirmed and booked.

  • Means to pay visa service fee such as debit card, Mastercard, etc.

  • Some additional documents such as marriage certificate, admission letters, job letters and others stating your purpose to travel to the country.

Moreover, the consulate can also change tourist application requirements and other travel visas requirements so make sure to check travel restrictions, and other visa details by contacting or visiting your nearest embassy.

Obtain Business and Travel Visas through Online Services

You can order online your Brazil visa. Both, Brazil tourist visa and business visa applications are available and you just have to create a client portal login on VisaHQ and then apply for a Brazil visa through that client portal login. You have to visit the website and then enter "Egypt" as your citizenship and enter "Brazil" as your travel destination, confirm and proceed.

Once, you have entered the application form page you can provide your details in a secure manner. Input you name, passport details, travel details and more and then submit the requested documents. Once, you have completed this step, then you have to pay for passport and visa service. After the payment has been completed, your application will be forwarded, and you just have to wait for your visa application approval from the consulate. Once received, you can book your tickets and travel to Brazil.

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