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Since 2003, Inc. has provided online visa services and U.S. passport solutions enabling travelers to apply online for visas to virtually any country in the world. Using unmatched, cutting-edge online technologies customers can apply for travel visas simply by filling out one universal, 100% paperless electronic form. We can also obtain, renew, replace or add pages to passports for U.S. Citizens.
Focus – As VisaHQ's registered trademark name suggests we provide travel documents solutions. We are dedicated to excellence in one channel of business it is what we do best. Unlike other companies in our industry we have determined not to offer customers products such as cell phone rental, calling cards, anti-jet-lag pills, etc. As part of VisaHQ's commitment to assisting travelers we offer free access the world's most comprehensive visa requirements database, our indispensable customs regulations database and the largest online directory of Embassy and Consulate contact information. To learn more about the history of please see our company timeline or fact sheet.
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VisaHQ hires a diverse and internationally minded staff of professional and reliable employees who are dedicated to breaking through the many bureaucratic barriers imposed on international travelers. They know their way past these hurdles not only from professional training programs and effective management, but through a wealth of personal and shared experience. In short, the company and its dependents hold themselves to the highest standards of professionalism, dedication, and respect.

Passport back in my hands with a whole lot of visas in it. Pretty awesome service from @visahq. Highly recommended.
@VisaHQ Thanks for my 3 visas! If you ever want me to recommend visahq or mention something online about you guys, I will.
I use @VisaHQ for all of my #Visa & #Passport travel needs - You should, too! Reliable, speedy, communicative.

I wish to express my gratitude for your handling of my Visa application to Belarus. I am very impressed with your services and I look forward to using you in the future. Your professional and efficient handling of my Belarus Visa request has made me brag about your company to friends, I hope to get you more business and use your services again, many thanks and kindest regards, sincerely John Gautreau M.Div. PS - I hope to ask my girlfriend to marry me so I really needed this Visa, you may be instrumental in my future marriage as well :)

08.05.2013John Gautreau

I needed a Russian visa for my wife and I. This was for a personal trip. It was going to be cost neutral (gas, tolls, parking, needing to twice for drop-off and pickup, meals, etc) for me to go personally to DC (from Delaware) or use a service like VisaHQ. I Google'd, talked to our corporate visa service provider, read reviews of the 3-4 providers I found via my search, compared prices, etc. I also called each of these providers to see how helpful & forthcoming they were prior to my committing to their service. I zeroed in on VisaHQ with only one (very bad) review I could find online versus many positive reviews. That one bad review had a lengthy story, with a professional response from VisaHQ giving their point of view and rebutting some of the information in the story from the reviewer. The reviewer just responded to the rebuttal with the same points in their original review without addressing VisaHQ's rebuttal points. I have been fortunate to travel a lot in my life and decided to go with my gut and set aside this one bad review. What can I say - I am pleased & delighted with the service I got from VisaHQ at a fair price. At every step (there were delays due to the Russian Embassy having a huge backlog) I was able to pick up the phone or send an email and get prompt, and honest feedback with a level of confidence that I would get my Russian Visa not a week before my travel as I desired - but 2 days before my travel date. I never felt brushed aside or rushed if I called. I will use VisaHQ again and recommend them to my fellow travelers!

08.05.2013Bhatia Viren

I wanted to follow up on my experience with one of your online representatives, Lauren T. She was very helpful, prompt, friendly, and I had a great experience with her. I wanted to make sure that she was recognized for being a great customer services agent to me. Overall, my experience with VisaHQ has been positive. Regards, Sarah Franklin

08.05.2013Sarah Franklin

Just to let you know I got my passport/visa back yesterday just in time for my trip today. Thank you for being so efficient.

08.05.2013Visobe Welch

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ExperienceVisaHQ customers are in safe hands. The company's expert personnel have successfully delivered hundreds of thousands of travel documents to its client base of international travelers. VisaHQ can ensure accuracy, efficiency, and reliability when processing all of your travel documents.

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