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Vietnam business visa is a special visa for business persons and professionals coming to Vietnam for business meetings, events, conferences, seminars, fairs, or to explore investment opportunities. This visa is one of the most subscribed visas issued by Vietnamese embassies, including the tourist visa. Business visas are for short stays and maybe multiple entry visas. Keep reading to learn more about this visa.


The Vietnamese Economy

After the war with the US decades earlier, which upended the economy and ruined its infrastructure, Vietnam has come a long way in terms of economic recovery and growth. The country is a mixed socialist and market economy and is adjudged as the 36th biggest economy in the world in terms of GDP and 26th in terms of Purchasing Power Parity. Vietnam is also a member of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). It is also a member of the World Trade Organization.

The initiative to shift from a highly socialist economy to a mixed economy has proven to be a masterstroke as its economic fortunes have improved over the years. Today, billions of dollars pour in as a foreign direct investment, and several industries, including the tourist industry, have greatly benefited from it.

Vietnam Business Visa Type

There are two types of business visas, namely the DN1 And the DN2 business visa; we explain both below.

DN1: The DN1 visa is issued to expatriates working for or with companies that have legal status and are recognized by Vietnamese laws. The company may operate in any of the sectors as long as it is doing so with a business license. This visa is for employed visitors who are staff or contractors of the company.

DN2: The DN2 visa is issued to foreigners who come to Vietnam for several reasons that are commercial such as to provide a service, attend an event, negotiate contracts and sign agreements, etc. The visitor doesn’t have to be an employee of a company.

Holders of this visa are not allowed to work in Vietnam during their stay. Engaging in any work that will attract direct pay is treated as a violation, and the authorities will sanction visitors who are caught.

Vietnam Business Visa Requirements

To acquire the DN1 or the DN2 visa, you will need the following

Passport: A passport that will not expire in the next six months. It must have at least two blank pages for the authorities to affix their immigration stamps at the airport. If your passport is valid but has no free pages, you should apply for a new one before submitting your visa application.

Photograph: Two recent passport-sized photographs showing your features clearly. They must be printed on white backgrounds, and you must not wear glasses or obstruct your face in any way.

Application form: A duly signed and completed visa application form bearing your details.

Sponsor Letter: A letter signed by your sponsor inviting you to Vietnam.

Note: Other documents may be required aside from these.

How To Obtain A Business Visa To Vietnam?

There are two optima available to visitors who wish to apply for this visa.

Visa On Arrival: The visa-on-arrival method is only available to selected countries. If you are eligible for this option, you can complete the online application form, attach the necessary documents and submit it to a travel agency or application center. 

You will receive a mail detailing your trip, and the document must be printed out and presented at the airport in Vietnam, where your passport will be stamped and the visa issued.

Embassy/Consulate: The other option is to submit your visa to the embassy or consulate in person. You will be interviewed, and within a couple of weeks, you will receive feedback concerning your application. Successful applicants will be issued visas in person.

Vietnam Visa Application Fee

The application fee for this visa varies from country to country and the visa type. Depending on the duration, visa-on-arrival fees range from $25-$135.

How Much Does Vietnam Business Visa Cost?

Visa at the Vietnamese Embassy and Consulate:

The fees vary from embassy to embassy and depend on the duration of stay and the number of entries. You can contact the embassy or consulate office for more information. There is also an extra charge for fast processing, depending on how soon you want it. 

Visa on arrival takes 5-7 business days to get it.

As for embassy application fees, it depends on the country in question, as foreign nationals pay different fees for the visa in their local currencies.

Don’t forget that a Vietnam business visa is for business purposes alone and not for anything else. We advise you to apply for an appropriate visa if you have different plans.


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