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If you want more clarity about obtaining a Taiwan business visa and its requirements, keep reading, as this article covers it all! You will know more about what exactly the Taiwan business visa is!

Therefore, now start planning your business trip to Taiwan without worries!

What is a Business Visa?

A business visa is a travel document for travelers who intend to perform business activities in another country. These activities can include meetings, conferences, signing of deals, etc. However, the business visa does not allow travelers to be employed in the country they are traveling to, as that would require a work permit. The government provides business visas.

What is the Taiwan Business Visa?

The Taiwan business visa is a document that allows foreign visitors to engage in business meetings and other important business pursuits when they enter Taiwan. You could look into business strategies with the Taiwan business visa.

With a Taiwan business visa, you can take part in everything business related as long as it does not account for labor or employment.

For the first 90 days, you may not need the visa. You can enter Taiwan if you have a valid passport for the next 6 months upon arrival in Taiwan. However, if you wish to get a visa, you can get different types of visas with different validities.

Who Will Need a Taiwan Business Visa?

Any person traveling for any business activity, not for tourism or leisure, will need to obtain a Taiwan business visa.

Moreover, your intentions to indulge in business activities in Taiwan should be clean.

Any healthy individual can travel to Taiwan for official matters.


For the business visa, you can get either a single or multiple entry visa. The single entry visa has a validity of 3 months, whereas the validity of the multiple entry visa is 6 months.

For each visit, you can stay for 60 days. The multiple entry visa allows travelers to travel to Taiwan more than once during the visa's validity period.

Processing Time

The processing time ranges between 3 to 5 days. Hence, if you want to visit Taiwan for business, applying for a visa 7 to 10 days beforehand is a good idea, as if you do everything properly, the concerned visa office will process the visa on time.

Nonetheless, the processing time can differ from country to country, depending on how accurate your visa application is. The authorities will delay your visa processing time if you have entered false information.

What are the Business Visa Requirements for Taiwan?

A few relevant documents are required if you plan to apply for a Taiwan business visa. Without submitting these documents, you cannot complete the visa application.

You must submit a valid passport. The passport should be valid for at least 6 months after arrival in Taiwan and should have at least 2 blank pages. Moreover, you will need 2 passport-sized pictures with a white background, and they shouldn't be older than half a year.

You must also provide some identification card of you belonging to your home country.

Other documents required consist of proof of sufficient funds. A bank statement will suffice for it. However, if your company is paying your trip cost back in your home country or the host company, you can submit proof of accommodations, such as hotel booking details or copies of your flight ticket.

You should have proof of your business. Hence, a certificate of business registration must be required. The business registration certificate is a major eligibility criteria you must fulfill as it proves whether the company is authorized.

Other additional documents include an invitation letter from the host company. The letter should have the company letterhead on it, and it should state the applicant's personal details.

Another letter from your home company requires communicating the purpose of your visit and how long you will be staying. You must also submit a travel itinerary.

Importantly, you must submit the visa application form along with the documents. Do verify that all the information you enter in the form is accurate.

Lastly, after you have filled out the application form and gathered the documents, submit it and pay the visa fees.

How Can You Apply for A Taiwan Business Visa?

Taiwan allows individuals from many countries to apply for business visas online. Therefore, you can do so through online visa services and not go to the Taiwan embassy.

VisaHQ is one platform on which you can apply for a visa. VisaHQ provides super convenient services. Choose your nationality and destination country and check out all the details, such as the visa requirements, visa types, and fees.

Next, fill in the application form, collect all the required documents, submit them and pay the visa fee online!

Smooth and simple, the process is complete, and you can acquire your Taiwan business visa!

Taiwan Visa Policy

Taiwan is officially called the Republic of China with its own government and independent visa policy, which differs from the People's Republic of China. Under Taiwan's visa policy, visitors must apply for a visa in advance of their trip to the country unless they are from a visa-exempt country. The policy also mandates that all visitors have valid visas remaining active for the next six months. However, Japanese and US citizens are exempted from the six months clause; all they have to do is hold a passport to cover the duration of their stay.

Visa Exemptions

Currently, Taiwan has a loss of more than 60 countries whose citizens don't need visas to come to the country for short trips. The duration of trips depends on their nationality as some foreigners are allowed to spend more time in Taiwan than in other nations. The government also calculates the stay period from the second day after the visitor arrives.

Visitors from visa-free countries cannot apply for stay extensions apart from Canadian and United Kingdom citizens, who may extend their stay from 90 to 180 days based on the principle of reciprocity. For other nationals, they can only enjoy a maximum of 90 visa-free days in Taiwan. There is also full visa-free access to all states which it has full diplomatic ties with.

The visa exemption program is not extended to persons who are holders of temporary or emergency passports apart from US and Japanese citizens, but other nationals may apply for visas on arrival instead. Apart from the 90 days visa-free duration for most countries, citizens from a few may get a 30 or 14 days visa-free stay, while Turkish citizens may get a 30-day visa-free stay without charge.

Visa on arrivals is only issued to eligible visitors at Taoyuan International Airport. Those arriving at Taipei Songshan Airport, Taichung Airport, and Kaohsiung International Airport will get a temporary permit instead. When they enter Taiwan, they must apply for visas by submitting their application to the office of Consular Affairs in Taipei or offices of the Foreign Affairs Ministry. 

Also, passengers need visas to be allowed to leave the country. Furthermore, any passenger arriving at any other port of entry hoping to obtain a visa on arrival will be denied entry into Taiwan.

Taiwan e Visa

The electronic visa of Taiwan has been issued to eligible visitors under the e-Visa program. Citizens from eligible countries are given a single entry visa to visit and stay in Taiwan for less than one month. There is an application fee for this visa which is done online. The loss of eligible countries is always expanding periodically, and the government adds new countries. Before applying for it, make sure your country is on the list.

E Visa Eligibility

  • The applicant must come from an eligible country
  • They must have a valid passport with six months validity (minimum)
  • They must not seek a long-term stay in the country
  • They must have no intention of seeking employment
  • They must have sufficient funds and accommodation

Then there is the online travel certificate for foreign nationals from selected countries. This certificate carries no application fee but is for multiple visits to the country. The application is also done online, and the maximum duration of stay is 14 days. Online travel authorization certificates are valid for 90 days and offer multiple entry benefits.

Key Information About Taiwan e Visa

Here are some important details you should know as you apply for an electronic visa for Taiwan.

Know The Difference Between The PRC and ROC: it is possible to mistake the People's Republic of China (PRC) and the Republic of China (ROC) when applying for a visa. Although they bear similar names, they are countries with different governments due to diplomatic disputes. While PRC refers to Mainland China, ROC often comes with the Taiwan name after its largest islands. Avoid applying for the wrong e-visa because of the name difference.

It Can't Be Extended: Although it is stated a few times in the review of each visa, we had to repeat it. You cannot extend your e-visa once it is approved. If you wish to stay for more than the 30 days allowed, you can leave the country and reapply or apply for a long-stay visa at any Taiwanese foreign mission.

Apply Outside: You cannot apply for a visa in Taiwan. If you wish to apply for a new one to extend your stay, you must leave the country first.

Passport: Your passport must be valid for at least six months, counting from the arrival date. Only Japanese and US citizens can use a passport whose validity only covers the duration of their stay. Furthermore, you must use the same visa for the application for your trip as they are linked. You will not be allowed into the country with a different visa.

Don't Seek Employment: The electronic visa is for tourists, international travelers, and business visitors. It is not for persons seeking employment in Taiwan. If you wish to work in the country, consider applying for a work visa.

Leave Before Your Visa Expires: It is illegal to stay in Taiwan with an expired visa, so endeavor to leave the country before or on the 29th day after your arrival. 

Keep a timer active to remind you of your visa-free days.

Taiwan Visa Online – Get your Taiwan e-Visa with VisaHQ

Do you have any plans to travel to Taiwan in the foreseeable future? You may want to apply for an online visa as it is the fastest way to get your travel document without stress. E-visa applications are available on VisaHQ, and you can complete the form in a few minutes.

How To Apply For A Visa With VisaHQ

You can apply for an online visa to Taiwan with VisaHQ. The process is short and will take only some minutes of your time. Here are the steps to take.

Fill out the form: Start by filling out the application form. There are sections for passport information, personal details, travel itinerary, and more. 

Ensure you only provide valid details as they appear on your travel documents.

Attach your travel documents: Attach all the documents required for your chosen visa. Make sure the documents are clear and all valid. Also, make sure that they are all yours.

Get your visa: After submitting your application, you must be patient, as the processing will take a few days. Hopefully, you will get it within 24 hours; if not, it will not take more than 72 hours. Once the e-visa is approved, it will be delivered to your email address.

Why Use VisaHQ?

Using VisaHQ for your online visa applications is wise because you get it done faster and safely. 

You don't have to visit a foreign mission office as you can do it from home. VisaHQ offers applicants

  • A stress-free and safe application method
  • Advanced data protection software
  • Apply for multiple e-visas at once to save time
  • Track your application online
  • Save your data for future use

And so much more. To commence your application, visit the application page now to get started.


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