South Korea visa requirements for South African citizens

Are you a citizen of South Africa? Do you want to travel to South Korea in the coming weeks or months? Now is the time to apply for a visa as soon as possible to avoid delays and last-minute cancellations. This page contains all the necessary information about South African citizens' South Korea visa requirements. 

Travelling To South Korea From South Africa

South Africans travelling to South Korea must take flights from any of the airports in South Africa and may likely change flights once or twice before arriving in South Korea. Upon arriving in the Southeast Asian country, be prepared for a culture shock if you are a first-time traveller. Besides the difference in race, the difference in the social infrastructure and customs will be quite startling.

Also, the laws and way of life are different, so prepare your mind, but the good thing about South Koreans is that they are very friendly and open to visitors. Many of them are also quite curious and will want to engage you in a short conversation. 

Communication should also not be a problem, as many South Koreans speak English as a second language.

Do South Africans Need A Visa To Enter South Korea

South Africans must obtain and travel with a visa; otherwise, they will be turned back at the airport and not allowed into South Korea. Only citizens of the EU, Canada, Australia, US, UK, Russia Federation, Lesotho and a few other countries are allowed into South Korea without a visa.


Types of Visas South African Passport Holders Can Apply For

South African passport holders can apply for the following visas.

Family Visa: If you have family in South Korea and would like to visit them and stay for more than 90 days, you can apply for a Family Visa. Note that the visa officers at the embassy will expect you to prove your relationship with the person in South Korea using civil documents like a marriage or birth certificate.

Tourist Visa: A tourist visa is valid for 180 days and allows the visitor to stay in South Korea for up to 90 days. This visa allows you to travel to any part o the country on tour.

Student Visa: South African students offered admission by a tertiary institution in South Korea must visit the South Korean embassy in Pretoria or any of the consular offices in other cities to apply for a Student visa. This visa is valid for as long as the academic program lasts.

Business Visa: Those with business interests in South Korea or invited guests for a meeting or conference must apply for a business visa. Note that this visa does not qualify the holder to work.

Work Visa: South Africans employed by a company or organization in South Korea may apply for a work visa. Getting employment does not qualify them to work in South Korea without a visa.

South Korea Visa Requirements For South Africans

When applying for a visa, there are sets of documents you must attach to the signed and completed South Korea visa application form; otherwise, your visa application form will be rejected. The documents must be valid and in line with the requirements as laid down by the government of South Korea. The documents vary depending on the visa, but here are the basic ones.

Passport: A South African passport valid for 6 months is required. Validity is counted from the arrival date you put in your application form. Also, the passport must have at least 2 unused pages for visa stamps.

Photograph: The authorities require 2 recent passport-sized photographs showing your face clearly, which must be in 3.5cm-4.5cm dimension. Your face, ears, eyes, and neck must be visible and don’t wear glasses.

Return Ticket: A Return ticket back to South Africa after your visit. Applicants should not pay for the ticket, only reserve it for the trip.

Proof of Funds: A Bank statement for three months showing a minimum balance to cover your expenses. The statement must be stamped and signed by the issuing bank.

Cover Letter: A cover letter explaining the reasons for the trip.

Invitation letter: Applicants invited by an entity or Individual must issue a signed letter explaining the purpose of the trip.

Proof of accommodation: A confirmed house address or hotel reservation.

Travel itinerary: Detailed information about the trip, including the arrival and departure date. The places you plan to visit should also be included.

These are the South Korea visa requirements for South Africans, but additional documents and information may be required for selected visas. Also, note that South Africans cannot apply for an online electronic travel authorization permit at this time.

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