Do Lithuanian need visa for South Korea

Lithuanians looking to travel to East Asia to experience a different civilization and culture, unlike what they are used to in Europe, should consider South Korea a perfect destination. South Korea operates a friendly, open-door policy towards European countries, so making the trip should not be a problem. However, do Lithuanians need visa for South Korea? The answer is no. Lithuanian citizens do not need visas to visit South Korea; if you keep reading, you will learn why.

Do Lithuanian Need Visa For South Korea?

Lithuanians do not need a visa for South Korea because Lithuania is on the visa exemption list. Most EU countries are on South Korea’s visa exempt list, and being an EU country, Lithuanian passport holders can visit South Korea with only their passports. Furthermore, the visa free policy allows them to live in the country for up to 90 days which is more than the 30 days South Africans enjoy but less than the 6 months Canadians enjoy.

The time allowed for visa-exempt visitors keeps changing, so verify the current visa free days allowed before applying for the visa.

When Do Lithuanians Need A Visa?

If you are a Lithuanian passport holder, you will need a visa if you plan to stay in the country for more than 90 days at a time. For instance, visitors coming to take up an employment opportunity or attend school in South Korea will have to apply for a visa.

The South Korean ETA: K-ETA

Despite not needing a visa, Lithuanians must apply for a travel document called the South Korean electronic travel authorization permit, which allows them to enter South Korea at short notice. This document doesn’t take time to process and is ready within 72 hours once the form is submitted. Applicants don’t have to visit the embassy in Ljubljana to submit an application form and physical copies of their documents.

They can submit their documents and the application form online using their smartphones or computer. Once the K-ETA is ready, it is forwarded to the applicant’s registered email address. They must print it out and bring it on their trip to South Korea. The K-ETA is valid for two years and can be used multiple times for short visits. 

Also, note that it is only valid for tourism and business trips.

How To Apply For A South Korea K-ETA?

To apply for a Korean ETA, do the following

  • Visit VisaHQ

  • Select South Korea as your destination

  • Select Lithuania as your country

  • Choose K-ETA

  • Fill out the form

  • Attach all the travel documents required

  • Pay the application fee using a credit or debit card

  • Submit for approval

In just a few steps, your application will be completed, and you can await your travel authorization permit.

Types of South Korean Visa

For those who don’t want to apply for a visa because they plan to stay for longer than 90 days, here are the visas they can apply for.

Tourist Visa: A tourist visa is for those who are coming as tourists but plan to stay for more than 90 days. This visa is issued by the embassy of South Korea and is valid for 6 months or more. It can also be used multiple times.

Family Visa: Visitors who have family in South Korea will have to visit the embassy to apply for a family visit visa which allows them to visit and stay in the country for longer than 90 days. Family visas require civil status documents.

Work Visa: Lithuanians who have secured employment in South Korea have to apply for a work visa. This is the only document that grants them the permit to work in the country.

Student Visa: Student visas are for those with plans to study. If your course will take longer than 90 days, you need this visa.

South Korea Visa Requirements

Here are the requirements for visa applications. Bear in mind that additional documents may be required depending on the type of visa you are applying for.

Visa Application Form: A completed and signed visa application form.

Valid Passport: Valid Lithuanian passport of a minimum of 6 months, counting from the arrival date.

Photograph: Two recent passport photographs showing your face clearly.

Ticket: Reservation for a return ticket back to Lithuania after the trip m

Proof of funds: A signed and stamped bank statement for three months to prove financial capacity.

Proof of accommodation: Hotel reservation or an address where you plan to stay.

Medical Insurance: A medical insurance policy to cover any Medical bills incurred during your visit.

Cover Letter: This signed letter must explain in detail the purpose of your trip.

Do Lithuanian need Visa for South Korea? The answer is no unless they plan to stay for more than 90 days.

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