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If you're considering starting a business in South Africa or expanding your existing business to the country, you will need a business visa. A business visa allows you to conduct business-related activities such as attending meetings, conferences, or negotiating contracts while you're in South Africa. The process of obtaining a business visa in South Africa can be complex and time-consuming but with the right guidance you can easily navigate the process.

In this article will provide all the information you need about Business Visa South Africa including the application process, requirements, and how to get one. So, whether you're a small business owner or a multinational corporation read on to discover everything you need to get a business visa in South Africa.

What are the documents required for a South Africa business visa?

If you're planning to apply for a business visa in South Africa, you need to ensure that you have all the necessary documents to demonstrate your eligibility and intention to conduct business activities in the country. In addition to the basic requirements, there are specific documents that you need to provide for a business visa.

The documents required for South African citizens business visa application include the following:

  • A valid passport with at least two blank pages

  • A completed visa application form

  • Two passport-size photos

  • Proof of financial means to support your stay in South Africa

  • A detailed business plan outlining your intended activities in the country

  • Proof of investment or partnership in a South African business

  • Police clearance certificate from your country of residence

  • Health certificate showing that you are in good health and free from infectious diseases

For a hassle-free and convenient visa application process, you can consider getting an e-visa from VisaHQ. VisaHQ offers a fast and secure e-visa application process, which saves you time and eliminates the need for in-person visits to an embassy or consulate. You can easily upload your documents and fill out the application form online, and VisaHQ will handle the rest.

Who can apply for a South Africa business visa

A South African business visa is available to those who plan to travel to the country for business purposes, including attending conferences, meeting with clients, and conducting market research. No restrictions are based on nationality or country of residence, making the visa accessible to anyone who meets the eligibility criteria.

To apply for a business visa in South Africa, applicants must demonstrate their intention to conduct legitimate business activities, provide proof of investment or partnership in a South African business, and show they have the financial means to support their stay. Additionally, applicants must obtain police clearance and health certificates from their respective countries of residence.

What's the South Africa business visa processing time

The processing time for a South Africa business visa can vary depending on various factors, such as the volume of applications being processed, the completeness of the application, and the accuracy of the supporting documents. Generally, the processing time for a business visa ranges from five to ten working days. However, processing times can take longer if additional documentation or verification is required.

For a hassle-free and convenient visa application process, you can consider getting an e-visa from VisaHQ. The online platform allows you to easily upload your documents and fill out the application form online, saving you time and eliminating the need for in-person visits to an embassy or consulate. With VisaHQ's fast and secure e-visa application process, you can obtain your South Africa business visa in a timely and efficient manner.

How to obtain the South Africa business e-visa?

Traveling to South Africa can be a rewarding experience for business or leisure purposes. However, before planning your trip, it's important to make sure you have the necessary documentation to enter the country, including a valid visa. With the help of VisaHQ, applying for a South Africa e-visa has become a simple and convenient process.

Here are the steps you need to follow to apply for a South Africa e-visa:

  • Visit VisaHQ to apply for the South Africa e-visa VisaHQ is an online platform that helps you with your visa application process. To apply for a South Africa e-visa, simply visit their website and select South Africa as your travel destination.

  • Select "South Africa" as your travel destination and "your country" as your citizenship. On the VisaHQ homepage, select "South Africa" from the dropdown menu under "Country" as your travel destination. Then select your own country from the dropdown menu under "Citizenship."

  • Fill out the South Africa visa application form with accurate and up-to-date information. Once you've selected the appropriate travel and citizenship options, you will be taken to the South Africa e-visa application form.

  • Pay the ETA fee using a secure online payment platform. Once you've filled out the application form, you will need to pay the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) fee.

  • Submit your application and wait for confirmation of your visa approval.

It's important to note that processing times for e-visas can vary depending on a variety of factors, so it's recommended to apply well in advance of your travel dates. With VisaHQ's user-friendly e-visa application process, you can avoid the hassle of in-person visits to an embassy or consulate and obtain your South Africa e-visa quickly and efficiently.

South Africa Visa Policy

The visa policy of the Republic of South Africa is a framework established by the government to determine foreign nationals who may enter or may not enter the country. The policy also helps officials determine who needs a visa to enter the country and who doesn't. Most foreigners coming to South Africa must first obtain a visa before they are allowed into the country, but there is a selection of nations on the visa-exempt list. You do not need to apply for a consular visa if you are from a visa-exempt country.

The policy also mandates visitors to have passports with at least one month's validity after the day they depart the country, and it must have at least 2 blank pages for entry and exit stamps.

South Africa Visa Exemptions

The visa exempt list of South Africa is always updated with new additions and removal.  Citizens from any of these countries are eligible for visa free travel to South Africa and they can stay in the country for 90 days and 30 days respectively depending on their nationality. Under the visa waiver arrangements, visitors are not allowed to work in the country during their stay. The waiver is only for tourism, business and transit visitors.

Persons with service, diplomatic or official passports from the selected countries  may visit South Africa without visas and stay for up to 90 days unless otherwise noted. 

These exemptions are as a result of bilateral and multilateral agreements between South Africa and other countries.

Note: The visa free list is always changing so make sure you consult the current list at the time of your trip to know whether you need a visa or not.

South African Electronic Visa

The South African government launched the electronic visa system in 2020 to simplify visa applications and decongest foreign missions abroad. The system was initially tested in Kenya before expanding to Nigeria, India, and China, and later it was expanded to accommodate other countries. Electronic visas are for short business visits and tourism, but they can also be used by transit visitors flying to other countries through South Africa.

The application process is very easy as applicants can avoid visiting the South African Consulate in their countries. They must complete an online application form, attach their documents, and submit it for approval; it's that simple. This visa is open to foreign nationals whose countries are not on the visa-exempt list.

To avail an electronic visa for South Africa you must meet the following conditions.

  • You must have a valid passport to cover your stay
  • You must not visit with the intention of seeking employment
  • You must financially self sufficient with proof of funds documents
  • You must have proof of accommodation
  • You must have a return ticket for your exit 

Visitors whose applications are accepted will receive the visa in the email address they provided in their applications.

South Africa Port of Entry

Airports: King Shaka International Airport, Cape Town International Airport, Or Tambo International Airport, Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport

Seaports: Port of Richards Bay, Port of Durban, Port of Cape Town, Port of Mossel Bay, Port of Ngqura, Port of Elizabeth, Port of Saldanha Bay

Land Borders

South Africa – Botswana

  • Groblersburg – Derdepoort – Bray – Makopong – Makgobbistad – Kopfontein – McCarthy’s Rest – Middlepits – Pontdrif – Platjan – Skilpadshek – Ramatlabama – Tweerivieren – Swartkopfontein – Zanzibar

South Africa – Eswatini

  • Golela – Emhalathini – Bothashoop – Josefsdal – Jeppe’s Reef – Mananga – Mahamba – Nerston – Oshoek – Onverwacht – Waverley

South Africa – Lesotho

  • Caledonspoort – Boesmansnek -Makhaleng – Ficksburg Bridge – Monantsa Pass – Maseru – Ongeluksnek – Qacha’s Nek – Sani Pass – Ramatsilitso – Sepapu’s Gate – Van Rooyens Gate – Tele Bridge

South Africa Mozambique

  • Lebombo – Pafuri – Kosi Bay – Giriyondo –

South Africa – Namibia

  • Alexander Bay – Onseepkans – Rietfontein – Nakop – Sendelingsdrif – Vioolsdrif – Gemsbok

South Africa – Zimbabwe

  • Beit Bridge

Key Information About South Africa e Visa

No Extension: The electronic visa for South Africa can't be extended once it is approved and becomes active.  Visitors are expected to honor the visa terms or apply for a long term visa if the 90 days allowed will be insufficient.

Working is Illegal: Working in South Africa with an e visa is illegal.  Not only is the duration too short for gainful employment, it doesn't grant the holder a work permit. Only visitors with work visas may apply for work permits which earns them the license to work legally in South Africa. If you will like to work in South Africa, consider applying the tir nearest foreign mission office for a work visa

Non Transferable: Note that your e visa is not transferable. It can only be used by the person it is assigned to. Moreover, two persons cannot enter the country with the same visa due to the one man per visa policy.

Application Fee is Mandatory: The application fee is mandatory and must be paid before you can submit your application form for processing.  The fee is not refundable and must be paid using a debit or credit card.

Leave Before Expiration: Your Visa becomes active once it is issued and is valid for 90 days. You are also allowed to stay for only 3 months so endeavor to leave the country on the last day or before then to avoid the risk of becoming an illegal immigrant.

South Africa Visa Online – Get your South Africa e-Visa with VisaHQ

If you are planning a trip to South Africa, you may not need to visit the embassy or consulate for a visa, as VisaHQ can help you with that. Did you know that foreign nationals from eligible countries qualify for electronic visas? An electronic visa, or e-visa, as it is popularly called, can be obtained online in a few days, and VisaHQ can help facilitate the application process.

How To obtain A Visa With VisaHQ?

Interested applicants can complete their online visa application with VisaHQ by navigating our online page to complete the required documentation. Rather than waste time and resources at your country's South African foreign mission, you can simply log onto our homepage using your Internet-connected smartphone and apply for the visa in just a few steps, as highlighted below.

Please complete the online visa application form: Navigate to our main page and select your desired visa. Proceed to fill out the application form with accurate details. Be careful with your entries and avoid mistakes when inputting your details. You must ensure the information reflects what is on your passport and other documents.

Attach documents: The next step is to attach your travel documents, such as a copy of your passport bio-data page. Your name, gender, date of birth, and the issue and expiry date should be visible. Also, remember that your passport must be valid for at least 6 months; otherwise, it will be rejected. 

Get your visa: After paying the application fee, submit the form for processing. This will take under 72 hours, and the visa will be sent to your email if your application is successful.

Why Use VisaHQ

If you want to avoid the stress and hassle of applying for a short-term visa to South Africa, VisaHQ is your best bet. Who says applying for an online visa has to be a hard thing? You don't need a third-party agent, as we have simplified the entire process. When it applies to the authorities through VisaHQ, you are guaranteed

  • Fast and seamless application
  • Track your application status
  • Apply for multiple visas
  • Transparent pricing

And lots more.

Would you like to know more? Please message us, and our representatives will respond speedily or navigate to the main application page to apply for any online visa you choose.


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