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Russia Visa

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COVID-19 / Health Insurance for travel to Russia
Please contact VisaHQ to see if we can assist with your Russian visa, currently only certain types of business, work and private stay visas are being issued and no multiple entry visas are being issued at this time. Please consult with a VisaHQ specialist to see if we can assist.

Currently all tourist visa processing and most Russian visa types stand suspended by Russian authorities until further notice and due to the pandemic. Please contact our support teams if you have any questions or concerns.

Fill out Russia tourist visa application form online

and send the following documents to VisaHQ:

Russian visa application form. For online orders, please download, print and sign Russia visa application, prepared by our system under your account. Application forms cannot be double sided, please print on one side.
Original, signed United States of America passport with at least 2 blank pages and validity of at least 6 months beyond the validity of the requested visa.
Passport Photo: 1 Include a passport style photo, with a white background, taken within the last 6 months. You may also choose to upload a photo to your order for us to print. There is a surcharge associated with this service.
Tourist Voucher (Invitation). Copy of tourist voucher (invitation) issued by tourist company or hotel in Russia approved by the Ministry of Tourism. Please upload a copy to your profile. Not required if ordering an invitation through VisaHQ.
Electronic copies of documents. Upload copies of documents. Upon placing your order please upload electronic scans or photographs of your passport information page and invitation letter (if applicable). These scans are necessary for VisaHQ to generate your application form.
Additional required documents for applicants with name change

Name Change Application. A copy of the Name Change Application.

Name Change Deed. A copy of the Name Change Deed.

Court Order. A copy of the Court Order for the name change.

Marriage Certificate A copy of the Marriage Certificate, if applicable.
Additional requirements for applicants born in the former USSR or Russia
Applicants MUST submit the following documents:

•Copy of USSR passport with a stamp stating you left for “permanent residence abroad”, dated prior to February 6, 1992;

•Or a copy of a “Visa to Israel” issued prior to February 6, 1992;

•Or a copy of a Certificate of Naturalization issued prior to 1996;

•Or a document confirming the renunciation of your Russian citizenship;

•Or a copy of the main pages of a passport of a former USSR state, issued after February 1992;

•Or a written statement of explanation, in the case that you have no documentation.

In accordance with Russian law, visas can not be issued to Russian citizens with expired passports. We remind you that in accordance to Article 12 of Russian Law “On citizenship of the Russian Federation”, children born to two parents who are Russian citizens, automatically gain Russian citizenship, regardless of the place of birth. In this case visas are not issued, and they must apply for Russian citizenship, or have their information written into the passport of one of their parents, or obtain a Russian passport.If applying for a minor, please provide a copy of their Birth Certificate, in which it is evident that at least of the parents is not a citizen of the Russian Federation.
The embassy may request additional documents and a personal interview at their discretion.

Additional required documents for minors

• Birth certificate. A copy of the applicant's birth certificate.

• Parents' passport copies. A copy of the information pages of both parents' signed passports.

Russian tourist visa applications are accepted only within 90 days of the proposed entry date to Russia. Please apply only within 90 days of the date of travel.

Russia tourist visa fees for citizens of United States of America

Single entry
  • Validity: up to 1 month
  • Processing: 8-10 business days
  • Total cost: 327.00 
    Russia visa help
    Cost calculation
    Embassy fee: 198.00 Processing: 129.00: 0.00 Total cost: 327.00
Double entry
  • Validity: up to 1 month
  • Processing: 8-10 business days
  • Total cost: 327.00 
    Russia visa help
    Cost calculation
    Embassy fee: 198.00 Processing: 129.00: 0.00 Total cost: 327.00
Multiple entry
  • Validity: up to 3 years
  • Processing: 8-10 business days
  • Total cost: 327.00 
    Russia visa help
    Cost calculation
    Embassy fee: 198.00 Processing: 129.00: 0.00 Total cost: 327.00

Invitation letter options for a tourist visa to Russia

Need an Invitation letter for a tourist visa to Russia? We can help.
Invitation typeProcessing timeCost
Russian Tourist Visa Invitation - Single entry (up to 30 days)Same day50.00
Russian Tourist Visa Invitation - Double entry (up to 30 days)Same day50.00
Russian Tourist Visa Invitation - Multiple entry (up to 1095 days)Same day50.00
Russia visa for citizens of United States of America is required. For more information please contact the nearest Russia embassy.

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COVID-19 / Health Insurance for travel to Russia
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Russia visa information
Russia Visa
Russia Visa category as defined by Russia Embassy.
Russia Visa validity.
Russia Visa issue date (format might be different from MM-DD-YYYY).
Name of Russia visa holder
Traveler's passport number.
Birth date of passport holder (format might be different from MM-DD-YYYY).
Traveler's gender.
Traveler's citizenship.
Russia Visa remarks.
Number of allowed entries to Russia (subject to visa validity dates).
Maximum duration of stay in Russia per each entry.
Russia Consulate that issued a visa.
Russia Visa number.
Date of entry to Russia (format might be different from MM-DD-YYYY).
Purpose of entry to Russia (type of Russia visa)
Business visa invitation number (applicable to Russia business visas only)

Frequently Asked Questions about Russia visa

  • What types of visa durations can be applied for?
    Single-Entry allows the foreign national a one-time entry into the borders of the Russian Federation.

    Double-Entry allows the foreign national to enter and exit the Russian border of no more than two times.

    Multi-Entry allows for unlimited entry into the Russian Federation within the visa period.
  • I am not a citizen of the european union, how may I obtain a visa?
    Non-EU citizens may apply for a Russian visa via invitation, or an invitation granted by the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation, or by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    In this case, if the nationality of the individual must be indicated via supporting documents that indicate their status in such country. Such as a home registry, work authorization, or a copy of your lease agreement, or a copy of the electric bill.
  • What type of insurance do I need? (for eu citizens only)
    US citizens do not require proof of health insurance!

    For citizens of the Schengen Agreement, a copy of your health insurance card and the insurance policy valid in Russia for the full visa period is required; this excludes any parallel agreements between individual countries that may contradict this.

    If you are not a EU citizen, please inquire whether you would need to provide a copy of your health insurance from a Visa Center operator. The policy must include information about which hospitals or clinics accept your insurance in case of emergency.

    Applicants seeking a multi-entry visa need to show proof of insurance that covers their first trip only.
  • Can I apply for two visas simultaneously?
    Unfortunately not, according to the laws of the Russian Federation, you may only have one current Russian visa in your international passport.

    If your passport already contains an active Russian visa that has not been used (such as a single or double-entry visa with one entry left, or an unused multi-entry visa), we recommend that you apply for a new visa no less than 10 days prior to it's expiry.
  • Under what cirmustances do we require original documents, what are they?
    Only the originals of the following documents are accepted:

    - Passport, valid for six months after the visa expiry date;
    - Visa application, printed and signed by hand. Signature must match that of the passport;
    - Passport-style Photograph(s);
    - Invitation for Private type 1 visa, Work visa, Student visa, Humanitarian visa single, double, or 1 year multi-entry must all be issued by the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation (FMS) at the request of the inviting party. This excludes 3-year visas, for which copies of the invitations are accepted.
  • Embassy in Moscow
    Location 8 Bolshoy Devyatinskiy Pereulok
    Phone +7-495-728-5000
    Fax +7-495-728-5090
  • Consulate in Vladivostok
    Location 32 Pushkinskaya
    Phone +7-423-230-0070
    Fax +7-423-249-9372
  • Consulate in Yekaterinburg
    Location 15 Gogol Street,
    Yekaterinburg, 620151
    Phone +7-343-379-3001
    Fax +7-343-379-4515

United States of America Embassy list in Russia

Russia Customs

Import Regulations Export Regulations Health and Security Contact Customs Authorities
  • Tobacco products 400 cigarettes or 200 cigarillos or 100 cigars or 500 grammes of tobacco products, provided only one type of tobacco products is imported (otherwise only half of the quantities allowed);
  • Alcoholic beverages Only for persons of 21 years and older: alcoholic beverages: 2 litres;
  • Perfume A reasonable quantity of perfume for personal use;
  • Goods up to an amount of RUB 65,000.- for personal use only;
  • Caviar (factory packed) max. 250 grammes per person.
  • Customs declaration, which will be filled out on entry of Russian Fed. must be kept carefully. When leaving Russian Fed. this declaration has to be handed over, even when travelling to another C.I.S. country.
  • Dairy and meat products are permitted (except from Armenia and Georgia), provided packed in original factory packing and in quantities that can be considered for own personal use. Larger quantities will be subject to inspection and traveller will be requested to provide the appropriate documentation, including veterinary health documents.
  • Cats, dogs and birds must be accompanied by: veterinarian health certificate (nationals of C.I.S. countries may present a veterinary license instead) bearing seal of local Board of Health and issued no more than ten days prior to arrival (or international Veterinary Passport). Pigeons must be accompanied by a certificate which proves they are free from bird flu; international veterinary passport. For all animals, except cats & dogs, special import permission from Veterinary dept. Ministry of Agriculture is required. (Generally pets are not permitted in hotels.)
  • For travellers entering the Russian Fed., a limit of baggage allowance of 35 kg and/or a value of RUB 65,000 exists. If exceeding the limit, a customs fee of EUR 4per kilo will apply or a 30% axis on top of the excess value to be collected.
  • Photographs and printed matter directed against Russian Fed.
  • Acipenseridae family (sturgeons) fish and any product made thereof and live animals (subject to special permit).
  • Military arms and ammunition, narcotics, fruit and vegetables.
  • Dairy and meat products from Armenia and Georgia.
  • Arms and ammunition.
  • Goods for personal use
  • Archeological, historical and artistic objects are allowed with obligatory written permission of Ministry of Cultural Affairs and with a photograph of the exported object.
  • For all kind of weapon besides declaration a special permit from Internal Affairs Ministry is needed.
  • Arms, ammunition, precious metals, (gold, silver, etc.) and articles made thereof (also if containing precious stones and/or real pearls).
  • Acipenseridae family (sturgeons) fish and any product made thereof.
  • Antiquities (i.e. any article older than 50 years) and art objects (subject to duty and special permit from the Ministry of Culture), furs.
Basic health information for travelers to Russia
  • Food poisoning, TB, rabies and tick-borne encephalitis occur in Russia. Travellers to, and residents of, the Moscow region should be aware of the increase in notified rabies cases.
  • All travellers should seek medical advice before travelling to the country and ensure that all appropriate vaccinations are up to date.
Basic security information for travelers to Russia
  • There is a high threat from terrorism. Attacks cannot be ruled out and could be indiscriminate, including in places frequented by expatriates and foreign travellers.
  • Racially motivated attacks do occur in Russia. Travellers of Asian or Afro-Caribbean descent should take extra care.
  • The North Caucasus remains an unstable and potentially dangerous region.
  • Due to an unstable and potentially dangerous in North Caucasus, all travellers must have the correct documents including the right visa for the purpose of your visit, and meet registration requirements.
  • All travellers must carry your original passport at all times in the Russian Federation. A copy will not be sufficient.
Russian Customs contact information
For further assistance please contact the Russian Customs authorities directly. They will provide the latest information about customs regulations and export-import procedures.

For additional information about travel restrictions, security warnings, political updates, and basic travel guidelines, please contact the nearest Russian Embassy.