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Qatar customs

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Free import

• 400 cigarettes
• Personal items and gifts up to a maximum value of QAR 3,000.-


• Alcoholic beverages are not to be imported under any circumstances.
• Israeli currency.
• Narcotics
• Pornography
• Pork products
• Religious books and material


• Firearms - special permission from Ministry of Defence, Govt. of Qatar, is required and should be obtained in advance.
• Pets - birds (the maximum size of a falcon), domestic cats, domestic dogs and other similar sized domestic animals if having required documentation may enter the country. The following procedure must take place:
- The animals must be carried in a cage (proper size, lockable and clean) that is appropriate for travel.
- Required documents: good health certificate, valid vaccination certificates , the animal needs to be cleared for air travel
- Larger birds, large dogs and other large animals must be processed through the Cargo Terminal.