Peru visa for Egyptian

Applying for a Peru visa for Egyptian is the way to go if you have any plans to visit the South American country as an Egyptian citizen. The visa is a travel document issued by the government of Peru to foreigners whose countries are not on the visa-exempt list. If you would like to visit Peru anytime soon, you need to read this page until the end to get vital information about the visa application process and requirements.

Traveling To Peru

Peru is one of the most ancient countries not only in South America but in the world, and there are evidences to back this claim. The country is home to thousands of archeological sites, ruins, remnants of destroyed relics, and museums that showcase historic artifacts. This makes it a country of the past that tourists visit if they want to connect with the past. It is also a mineral-rich country with immense biodiversity, with 158 protected natural parks and 84 life zones. The animal life here is also quite rich, with about one-third of the bird species in the world, more than 3500 reptile species, and thousands of insect species, primates, carnivores, and pink dolphins.

This makes Peru a wildlife wonder and is definitely one of the best countries to visit if you are looking for the best wildlife location to visit for your next tour. Let’s also not forget to mention the festivals held yearly in different locations, the beach resorts where you can relax and have a nice time, and the amazing nightlife.

The tourism industry is the third largest industry in the country behind the fishing and mining industry and is a major revenue earner and a massive employer of labor. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of tourists coming to the country.

Do Egyptians Need A Visa To Enter Peru?

Only Egyptians with a visa are allowed into the country. Egypt is not on the visa waiver list, so her citizens need a visa. The visa can be obtained by visiting the Peruvian embassy in Cairo or submitting an application form online.

Types of Peru Visa

Egyptians can apply for the following types of Peruvian visa

Tourist Visa: A tourist visa is for those coming for tourism. You can spend your holidays in the country and go on tour to popular locations in the country on a tourist visa. This visa allows the holder to stay in the country for 183 days maximum. And it takes between 3-7 working days to process.

Business Visa: A business visa is strictly for business-related activities like meetings and events. This visa is valid for 183 days, and applicants can get the visa within 6 working days.

There are other visas, like a family visits visa or work visa, which are long-stay visas. These visas are obtained from the Peruvian embassy in Cairo.

General Peru Visa Requirements

A Peruvian visa requires certain documents if you want to successfully apply for one. Firstly, you need to complete and sign a visa application form and then attach the following documents to it.

Passport: An Egyptian passport with at least 6 months of validity. The passport must have two blank pages, at least for visa stamps.

Passport Sized Photograph: A passport-sized photograph taken on a white background. The photo must be according to the specified dimension.

Original bank statement: A bank statement for the last three months showing steady income flows in and out of the account. The bank account must also contain a minimum balance to cover your travel expenses.

Travel Insurance: The Peruvian government expects visitors to have active travel insurance to cover any medical expenses during their stay in the country. The insurance policy must be active.

Proof of Accommodation: Hotel reservation or where you will be staying at the time of your visit.

Return Flight Ticket: A copy of your return flight ticket at the end of your visit.

Travel itinerary: Plans about your trip, including the arrival and departure date.

How To Apply For Peru Tourist Visas For Egyptian Online?

For tourist or business visas, you can apply online using your smartphone. Here are the steps to take.

  • Log onto VisaHQ

  • Select Peru as your country of destination

  • Select Egypt as your country of origin

  • Choose the visa you want

  • Fill out the Peru visa application form

  • Scan and upload the necessary documents

  • Pay the visa fee

  • Submit for approval

These are the steps to apply for a Peru visa for Egyptian online. Successful applicants will receive the visa in their email, which they must print out and bring a printed copy along on their trip to Peru.

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