Passport info letter from employer

  • Must be written on company letterhead
  • Must contain the name of the applicant sponsored or employed by the company or organization
  • Must list the country to be visited
  • Must indicate the earliest possible date of departure
  • Must be signed by an authorized person (company executive), someone other than the applicant.

Sample Letter (for educational purposes only)

<<Company Letterhead>>

US Department of State
Passport Services


Dear Sirs/Madam:

Due to the urgent circumstances we kindly ask you to expedite the processing of <<Name>>'s passport application.

Our employee, <<Name>>, <<Title>>, is scheduled to travel to <<Country>> on <<Exact Travel Date>> to take part in negotiations crucial to our company's business. He will spend a total of <<Number of Days>> in <<Country>> and is required to obtain a traveling visa prior to departure.

Thank you for your assistance.


<<Authorized Signer>>
<<Phone Number>>