Second Passport for US citizens

Is a second passport for US citizens possible? As a US citizen, can I apply for another passport if I already have a valid one already? Is that not criminal, and if it is not, why should anyone wish to have more than one passport? These are some questions that come to mind when people hear of others acquiring a second passport, and it has created controversy in recent times.

The truth is that having a second passport is a crime, and many people who meet the criteria of the Department of State are allowed to hold a second passport. In fact, the authorities are known to issue limited second passports with four years of validity.

Why Get A Second Passport?

Some people feel the need to get a second valid passport if they travel frequently. Applying for a visa to some countries warrants you submitting your passport to the country’s embassy, and if you have plans to visit a different country soon after, you can’t apply for their visa as your passport is already held for visa processing by the first embassy. This can create complications for you if you are on a short timeline.

Another argument to get a second passport has to do with blacklisting. Some countries will deny you entry into their country or a visa if your passport contains stamps showing that you have visited a country on their blacklist. These discriminatory policy may affect your chances of traveling freely as a US citizen.

Still, on the need for a second passport, you may need multiple visas at once but can only apply for one at a time if you have only one passport or you need special validation to travel to a restricted region or country.

These are reasons why having a second passport may be a necessity. The Department of State understands these conditions, which is why they have made it possible for US citizens to apply for and get a second passport if they meet the requirements.

 Applying For A Second Passport

So how do you apply for a second US passport despite having a valid US passport?

Fill Out The Application Form: You need to fill out the application form called the DS-82 if your first passport has expired or is about to. If it is still valid, you should fill out the DS-11 application form for a new second passport. Make sure that the information you provide is all valid.

Signed Statement: The second step is to write and sign a statement explaining why you need a second passport despite having a valid one.

New Photo: Attach a quality passport photograph to your application. Only recent photos that meet set guidelines are accepted.

Pay The Fee: There is an application fee attached to passport applications. Pay the fee and attach the receipt to your application.

Submit Form: Submit your form at the passport agency or embassy or mail it to the State Department, including your current passport. Note that if you are applying in person, don’t sign the passport until the officer asks you to.

Track Your Status: You can track your passport application status online. After two weeks, your application status may read “In Process. “If you see this, just know that your documents have arrived at the facility, but if you see “Not available, “ it means your documents are still in transit and have not been delivered yet.

Passport Books and Passport Cards

Some people apply for passport books and cards, but they are not considered second passports since they cannot be used to travel by air or sea, only land. While there is nothing wrong with having both, bear in mind that you are limited to where you can go with a card, and you cannot use it to apply for visas to other countries.

As for new passport booklets, you can use them for general travels by land, air, and sea. Also, note that a second passport has the same value as the first passport, so it is not a second-class travel document by any means. However, it is only valid for four years in most cases compared to the ten years validity of first passports.

Can Anyone Apply For A Second Passport?

The Department of State allows all US citizens with first passports to apply for a second one, but that is not a guarantee that you will get one. Only those who can prove why they need a second passport will get one. Your reasons should be clearly spelled out in the signed statement addressed to the State Department. After reading your statement, officials will determine whether you are eligible for a second passport for US citizens. Follow the Process and submit all required documents alongside the application fee.

Apply for Second US Passport Online
Apply for Second US Passport online
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