Can US citizens get a second passport

Can US citizens get a second passport? If you already have a valid passport, will the authorities issue you another one if you request it? The answer to this question is in the affirmative. US citizens can apply for and get a second passport if they meet several requirements by the Department of State.

Although normal US passports are valid for ten years, the Department, through any of its agencies, may issue you a second passport valid for four years.

Why You May Need A Second Passport?

There are several reasons why you may need a second passport in addition to current passport, such as

Travel Restrictions: Some countries will deny you a visa if they see in your passport stamps of a country they have tense diplomatic relations. The fact that you traveled to such a country may cause their embassy to deny you a visa. You may need to submit another passport that doesn't show evidence of your previous trips to avoid such limitations.

Frequent Trips: If you are always traveling to different countries all the heart round, you will find it hard to meet your obligations if your passport is held onto by an embassy for a long time. Without a passport, you cannot apply for another visa at a different embassy. To avoid this type of situation, a second passport can come in handy. This is especially true if you require multiple visas at every point in time due to the nature of your job.

Furthermore, your passport pages may run out quickly due to the frequency of the exit and entry stamps. So having a second passport helps a great deal.

Applying For A Second Passport

Here are the steps to take to apply for a second passport

Complete The Application Form: The first step is to complete the application form called the DS-82.

This form is used to apply for a second passport and renew an existing one. Ensure that you submit your first passport along with other required documents, but if you cannot submit your passport, you will need to fill out Form DS-11 instead for a new one but indicate that you already have a passport.

Submit Your Signed Statement

There is a signed statement which you must sign explaining why you need another passport. Include a recent passport photo of you.

Include the application fee, which varies depending on several factors, and submit the application.

How To Submit Your Application

Passport agency: You can submit your passport application by booking an appointment with a passport agency in your city or state. If you need the passport urgently, apply for expedited service when you visit, the agency will ensure that you get the passport on time. Do note that you must book an appointment before visiting the agency, or your application will not be treated.

By Mail: Another way to apply for a second valid passport is to use the mail service option if you cannot visit the passport agency for a valid US passport. Simply package your documents in an envelope, purchase USPS postage stamps, and mail the package to the agency. If you want the application delivered on time, you can mark the parcel with "expedite" and pay extra for the delivery so it gets to the agency speedily.

Track Your Application: You can track your application using the tracking number given to you by the courier service. Once you see the status "In Process, "just know that your documents have reached the agency, but if it shows "Not available," it means it is still in transit.

Can US Citizens Get A Second Passport: For How Long?

Citizens applying for a second duplicate passport will have to wait for at least six weeks to get it or much longer. Normal applications take 6-8 weeks, but you can reduce the waiting time by visiting the agency to request expedited service. If you can convince the officials in your application why you need the passport urgently, they will approve your application, and you will get it in 2 weeks or less. Expedited service costs $60 apart from the normal application fee.

Processing Fee

The application or processing fee for a passport is $130 for the booklet and $30 for the card. There is also a $35 execution fee paid to the official handling the application. Cash payments are not accepted only through cheques and money orders.

Can US citizens get a second passport? Of course, they can, but they must meet stipulated requirements. If you are unsure of eligibility, reach out to VisaHQ for help. You can apply for the passport service and have us organize your documents and mail them to the State Department's passport office for you, and you will receive your second passport in due time.

Apply for Second US Passport Online
Apply for Second US Passport online
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