Lost US passport fee

If your passport is missing and you can’t recover it anymore, you are entitled as a US citizen to apply for a new passport, but a lost US passport fee is attached to it. The process of replacing a lost passport is the same as applying for a new one but slightly different. Applicants for a new passport after losing a previous passport must file a complaint with the authorities by filling out and submitting a DS-64 application form.  

Stolen or Lost Passport

The term “Stolen” and “lost” are used interchangeably because when your passport is missing, you can never tell if it was stolen or lost as you can’t find it anymore and don’t know what happened to it afterward. Unless it was forcefully taken from you, the situation remains a mystery. That is why both terms are used interchangeably.

Furthermore, the service fee for a lost or stolen passport application is the same unless you wish to apply for an expedited service which will cost you extra.


How To Report A Stolen/Lost Passport?

Before applying for a new passport, you must report the situation to the Department of State. There are two ways to do this; one way is to complete a statement DS-64 FormForm online. This FormForm should only be filled out if the missing passport is still valid. The FormForm contains several questions which must be completed. Answer as many of the questions as you can and in great detail. Once you have filled out this Form, please mail it to the Department of State In Washington.

The second option is to report the loss as quickly as possible by calling the toll-free number of the Passport Information Center at 1-877-487-2778. Sometimes your call may not get through due to call over logs.

Besides the two options, the other option is to fill out the DS-64 FormForm and attach it to the official application form and other documents for a new passport.


Important Points To Note

There are important points to note when applying for a new passport after losing the old one.

  • Passports reported as lost or stolen after submitting the DS-64 declaration form are immediately rendered invalid, so even if you find it afterward, you can’t use it anymore.

  • All information entered into the DS-64 FormForm is entered into the Consular Passport System.

  • If you eventually recover the passport, it should be submitted to the authorities. Based on your request, it will be canceled and returned to you or destroyed.

  • Passports reported as lost or stolen can’t be re-validated

Lost US Passport Documents

There are documentary requirements for new passports. We review them below.

DS-64 Form: If you have not reported the missing passport previously, you must complete the DS-64 declaration form. Answer as many of the questions as you can.

DS-11: The DS-11 document is the official application form for a new passport. Thus FormForm must be completed with no field left unfilled. Ensure that you provide only accurate information. Falsifying your details may be a crime!

Proof of Citizenship: Since you are not in possession of your old passport, you will need another valid document to prove your citizenship. Acceptable documents include a birth certificate or a naturalization certificate.

Proof of Identity: A valid ID card may also be required.

Passport Photo: A recent passport photograph showing your face must be attached to the application form.

Parents applying for a new passport for their children must appear at the passport office with the above-mentioned documents, and the child must be present, as passports cannot be issued to children in absentia. If one parent cannot be present, they must notarize a statement of consent giving the Department of State permission to process a passport for their child. In the case of the death of one parent, the surviving parent must present a death certificate, including any other supporting documents the passport agency may request.

What Is The Lost US Passport Fee?

The lost US passport fee is the application fee you must pay for the agency to process your passport. The fee is $130 for a passport booklet and $30 for a passport card. A passport booklet can be used for sea, air, and land trips across borders, while a passport card can only be used for land trips.

Expedited Service

Passports take about three to 8 weeks to process, so be prepared to wait a long time to get a new passport. However, if you can’t wait for that long, you can apply for an expedited service which will cost you an extra $60. But note that expedited services are only available to those who can prove beyond reasonable doubt that they need to travel urgently. Now that you know the Lost US passport fee, proceed to complete the application process for a new passport.

Apply for Lost US Passport Online
Apply for Lost US Passport online
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