How to replace lost US passport

How to replace lost US passport is one of the most commonly asked questions by people who wish to replace their passports. As you may already know, you cannot apply for a visa or board a flight to another country without a valid passport. So getting a passport is an important part of prepping for an international trip. So how do you replace a lost or stolen passport? Keep reading this page to learn more about the required documents and other processes.

Replacing a lost passport

Passport holders are always advised to keep their passports safe because they are sensitive documents that contain important personal information that fraudsters may want to steal and exploit their identity for personal gain. However, no matter how careful we try to be, mishaps occur, and we may lose our passports. If that occurs, then we will need to apply for a replacement. The US government has made it easy for passport lost or stolen to be replaced by publicizing the documents. Citizens need. Here are the documents you will need

Form DS-64: You must fill out the form DS-64; this is a statement explaining to the authorities that your passport has been stolen or is lost. This all important documents are required to notify the authorities of the situation so they can render the passport invalid so it cannot be used for criminal activity. Applicants must sign the form before the passport officer validates it.

Form DS-11: The other form they must complete is Form DS-11. This is the official application form of the US government for a new passport. All fields must be completed with none left empty.

Citizenship Evidence: Only US citizens may apply for a passport, so evidence of citizenship is required. The evidence of citizenship may either be a birth certificate or a naturalization certificate. The original document a d a photocopy must be attached to the application.

ID: A valid government issued ID card must be presented to the passport office in person. The ID may be a Driver’s ID card. Also, include a photocopy of

 the front and back of the ID card.

Passport Photo: One recent colored passport photograph.

Application Fee: Include the application fee for the passport.

These are the basic documentary requirements for a lost US passport replacement. In case of passport damage or loss due to a storm, you may request a file search at the passport agency to see if it has been recovered. The agency will process your application for a new passport if it cannot be found.

Where To Apply For A Lost Passport Replacement?

You can apply for a lost Passport replacement by visiting any Department of States passport agency or application centers in the city or state where you live. However, you will need to place a call to the agency to book an appointment which you must attend with all the aforementioned documents.

Another option is to apply for it at a US embassy if you do over abroad. US embassies have Department of State sections that handle US passport applications. The officials there will assist you in applying for a new passport. If passports cannot be produced at the facility, they will coordinate with the State Department in Washington and mail your documents to them for a fee.

Passport Replacement Fee

The application fee for a passport replacement is $130 for a passport booklet and $30 for a passport card. If you wish to mail your documents to them or receive them through a courier service, you will need to pay a separate fee for that.

Passport Processing Timeline

After submitting your documents to the passport agency, it takes 3 to 8 weeks to get a new passport. The processing time starts counting from the moment the passport office receives your documents and application form. If you need to make an urgent trip, waiting for that long may not be in your best interest. The good news is that the State Department has a special expedited service for emergencies.

Expedited Passport Service

An expedited service is for those who need to make a trip in two weeks or less. This is the quickest way to apply for a passport and get it on time, often in 3 days or two weeks. However, there are only two conditions that qualify one for expedited service.

Life or Death Emergency: In the case of a life or death emergency to self, a child, spouse, sibling, or close relative, the passport agency can process your application and release the passport within three days; in some cases, it can be ready in 24 hours, but you must provide the officials with valid reasons why you need to make the trip.

Urgent Travel: This case involves those needing to trip within the next two weeks. They must book an appointment with the passport agency for expedited service to get their passport before two weeks.

Expedited services cost an extra $60, aside from the application or courier fees if courier services are ordered.

Apply for Lost US Passport Online
Apply for Lost US Passport online
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