How to get a tourist visa for Philippines

Tourists planning a trip to Manila, Luzon, or any of the exciting locations in the country must know how to get a tourist visa for the Philippines. With a tourist visa, they can freely travel and explore the wondrous pleasures of the island nation and all the historical and cultural landmarks. We take an in-depth look into the visa application process and how to get your tourist visa ahead of your trip.

What Is The Philippines Tourist Visa?

A Filipino tourist visa is a travel document issued to foreigners visiting the country as tourists. 

This visa is issued by the Filipino consulate or embassy abroad. With a visa, you can enter the country to pursue your tourist interest, but the final decision to let you in rests with the immigration authorities at the entry point. This means that if you obtain the visa under false pretense, you will not be allowed into the country despite having one.

Tourist visas are short-term, so holders can only stay in the country for a short time. Overall, it is issued to persons coming for tourism and sightseeing, conducting business, visiting family and friends, attending sporting, cultural, or any social events, medical treatment, etc. This visa is quite flexible and ideal for short-term visitors.

How To Get A Tourist Visa For Philippines?

To get a short-term tourist visa for the Philippines, you must apply to the Filipino embassy in your country. The first step will be to locate the address of the embassy. Embassies are mostly located in the capital city of countries. Then you must enquire about the application process to know what to do. Once you have all the facts about the process, only then should you go ahead to fill out the application form, pay the visa fee and submit it to the embassy for processing.

Do All Visitors Need Tourist Visas For the Philippines?

Not all visitors need Filipino visas; such persons are largely from visa-exempt countries, so they are allowed to enter the country and set for a short time. To confirm your eligibility check if your country is on the visa-free list before applying.

Filipino Tourist Visa Fees

Applicants must pay a tourist visa fee before their applications can be processed. The fee depends on the visa duration. Single Entry visas cost $30, while multiple entry visa fee is $60 or $90 depending on the validity. This fee is not refundable and must be paid based on the directives of the consulate or embassy.

Tourist Visa Validity

The single-entry visa is valid for 3 months, while the multiple-entry visa is valid for 6 and 12 months. Single Entry visas are suitable for one-time trips, while multiple-entry visas are ideal for persons who wish to visit a few times within a calendar year.

How Long Before I Get The Tourist Visa?

There isn’t a standard time for visa issuance after submitting your application because embassies have different operating timelines. Some embassies take a longer time than others. However, submitting your application long before your trip is always best. Some embassies may take up to 10 working days or more to process applications after Interviewing the applicant. Having the complete set of documents will also influence the processing time, so applicants are advised to submit the right documents the first time to avoid delays.

Length of Stay

Holders of Filipino tourist visas can stay in the country for 30 days rather than a day more. The government expects them to have explored the country to their fill during this time. If they wish to explore more, they will have to return back to their home country and return at a later time. This is where a multiple-entry visa comes in handy. Holders of multiple entry visas can stay for up to 59 days per visit due to their long-term validity.

Tourist Visa Requirements

Tourist Visa requirements are as follows

  • Application form

  • Valid passport

  • Recent photo

  • Return flight ticket

  • Proof of financial means (bank statement)

  • Visa fee receipt

  • Letter of invitation

  • Proof of employment (employees & professionals)

  • Proof of accommodation

  • Civil status certificate where required

What You Cannot Do With A Tourist Visa?

You cannot work or study in the Philippines on a tourist visa, as that will be illegal. This visa is only for short-term commitments of a non-economic nature, which means that you can’t engage in any activity that will earn you direct payment for your effort.

Furthermore, you can’t stay in the country for more than the number of days allowed. Visitors who violate their visa terms will be fined and deported.

Now that you know how to get a tourist visa for the Philippines, you need to visit the embassy in your country to submit your application.

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