Visa for Pakistan from Canada

Obtaining a visa for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is very much possible for a Canadian citizen as long they meet the visa requirements. To apply for a visa to Pakistan from Canada, you may have to visit the High Commission or you can also apply online using VisaHQ.

Keep reading to learn more about the Pakistan visa application process.

Taking A Trip To Pakistan

 Canadian citizens are becoming some of the most traveled people in the world as more national governments are willing to offer them visas to visit Pakistan. There is also a significant population of citizens with Pakistan ancestry who are naturalized citizens of Canada and hold Canadian passports. They all can travel to Pakistan after obtaining a visa through the available means. One of the easiest visas you can get as a Canadian passport holder is an E visa.

What is The Pakistan e-visa For Canadians?

 The e-visa is a Pakistan online visa system which is an electronic permit that grants the holder legal access to the country. This visa is only for tourism or business visits and cannot be used for any other purpose. Secondly, it is valid for 180 days but only allows the visitor to stay in the country for three months. Furthermore, e-visas are only single-entry travel documents, which means that you can only use them once, so even if you leave Pakistan before it expires, you cannot use them again but apply for a fresh one.

However, the Pakistan government, through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, allows visitors already in the country to apply for extensions of 6 months once they are in the country, but they must apply for the extension before their current visa expires. In special circumstances, the visitor may be able to enter the country with the same e-visa, but permission will have to be granted by the authorities.

Pakistan Visa Requirements For Canadians

There are documents visa applicants must provide when applying for an electronic visa to Pakistan. Here the entry requirements

Original Passport: A Canadian passport valid for at least 6 months as of the date of arrival. The passport must have at least two blank pages on which one h immigration officer will affix a visitor visa stamp.

Photograph: A passport-sized photograph showing your face clearly. The photo must be in colored form and printed on a white background. It must be uploaded in 35mm x 40mm dimensions.

Proof of Accommodation: You must present a hotel reservation or a house address where you will stay throughout the duration of your visit.

Bank Statement: A bank statement for three months with the required minimum balance. The balance must be sufficient to cover your expenses while you are in the country.

Credit/Debit Card: There is a visa fee that must be paid for processing your documents. The fee is not paid with cash but with a bank issue debit or credit card.

Return Ticket: A return flight ticket back to Canada after the trip is concluded.

Cover Letter: A cover letter clearly explaining the purpose of your trip

Invitation Letter: If you've been invited by a resident in Pakistan they must send you an invitation letter which you must attach to the application.

In addition to these documents, you must provide accurate information such as your passport number, date of passport issue and expiry date, full name, and date of birth, including security-related questions and your health status.

Pakistan E visa Processing Time

If you submit your application for an e-visa, you may have to wait up to 10 business days to obtain the visa. Several factors may cause delays, including peak periods when there are thousands of applications. So consider potential delays and apply as early as possible so your travel plans will not be affected.

How To Apply For Visa For Pakistan From Canada

For a long stay visa, you will have to approach the embassy or consular offices in your home country to apply in person. Physical copies of your documents, including the application form, will have to be submitted to the application desk. However, for short stays like tourist and business visits, you can apply for an e visa online by doing the following.

  • Visit VisaHQ

  • Select Pakistan as your destination

  • Select Canada as your country of citizenship

  • Choose Tourism visa as your preferred visa of choice

  • Complete the visa application form

  • Attach all necessary documents

  • Pay the visa fee

  • Submit for processing

 After submitting the visa application form online, you will wait for a few days to receive the visa into your email address that you provided in the application form. Once the visa is sent to you, endeavor to print it out and bring a copy to Pakistan on your trip. The online method remains the fastest way to apply for a Pakistan visa from Canada. 

So waste no more time; visit VisaHQ to complete the application process.

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