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Do you have a business engagement in Oman and need an Oman business visa to make the trip? This page contains all the information you need for a successful application. Below you will find all the visa requirements and steps to submit the e visa application form.

Oman At A Glance

Oman is an Arab country in the Middle East, officially called the Sultanate of Oman. It operates a monarchical system of government with the seat of power in Muscat. Oman is famous for its dates and herbs but is also rich in minerals like bitumen and petroleum.

Just like many other Arab states, the petroleum industry has greatly enriched Oman and turned it into an Eldorado in the desert. Intensive investment in tourism as a major revenue earner and the services sector has greatly contributed to the wealth of the kingdom.

Today, Oman is a top business destination in the Middle East, with a lot of multinational companies and startups setting up shops in the kingdom. This has opened up the country to tourists, business executives, and expatriates who visit all year round.

Oman Business Visa

The business express visa of Oman is a travel permit that gives a visitor the legal right to enter the Kingdom for the sole purpose of transacting business. The visa is valid for 6 months and allows foreigners to visit Oman to attend business meetings and conferences, invest in emerging opportunities, or engage in any other business engagement that comes to mind. This visa is by no means a Work Visa since work visas are issued separately.

Instead, it is issued for commercial activities that will not earn the visitor direct wages for their work.

Do All Foreign Nationals Require a Visa?

Not all foreign nationals require a visa to enter Oman. Citizens from visa-exempt countries don’t need a visa. For instance, citizens of GCC countries like UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, etc., don’t require a visa to enter Oman as they can do so with their passports. However, those who are not from Visa exempt countries have to secure a visa first before making the trip to Oman. Failure to secure a visa may lead to deportation.

How To Apply For Oman Business Visa

If you want to apply for an Omani visa, you may visit the embassy in your country if there is one. At the embassy, you can obtain an application form which you must fill out with the correct details and attach the necessary documents before submitting for approval. The embassy will also request a visa fee for processing the application.

The other option is to apply for the visa online if you don’t have an Oman embassy in your country or live very far away from one. The online application process is the easiest method for applicants. Here are the steps to take to apply for the visa online

• Visit

Select Oman as your destination

• Select your country of citizenship

• Choose “Business visa” as your visa of choice

• Complete the visa application form

• Attach all necessary documents

• Pay the visa fee

• Submit for approval.

Online visa applications are approved within five days, and the visa will be sent to the registered email address you provided in your application. If you apply to the embassy, you will be contacted to come and collect your visa on a set date.

Oman Business Eligibility

Anyone looking to apply for a business visa must meet some criteria, such as

• Meeting the health requirements of Oman’s health ministry

• Proof of business ownership

• State the purpose of the visit

• Show an invitation letter if they have been invited by a company or organization to Oman

• Meet character requirements

• Police Clearance Certificate to prove clean criminal record

Application Documents For Oman Business Visa

Passport: The applicant must submit a valid passport that has at least 6 months of validity, counting from the date of arrival in Oman

Completed Form: They must complete the application form with accurate information and sign it.

Photograph: 2 passport-sized photographs showing the face clearly on a white background.

Proof of accommodation: A Hotel reservation or house address where they will stay.

Statement of account: A statement of account to prove financial capacity to cover living expenses.

Letter of invitation: If they are invited to Oman, they must present the invitation letter sent to them

Travel Insurance: Proof of travel insurance to cover the medical bills incurred.

Confirmed tickets: Return ticket back to their home country

Oman Visa Processing Time

The general processing time for this visa is 3-4 business days after submission. However, the process may take longer if there is a large volume of applications yet unresolved or staff limitations. Therefore to avoid unnecessary delays, ensure you submit your Oman business visa application as quickly as possible.


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