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The tourist visa for Japan is available to foreign nationals who wish to visit for the holidays. However, there are selected countries whose citizens do not have to comply with the visa requirements as they are on the visa exempt list. These countries include the EU, the US, Argentina, Australia, and others. 

If you are from any of these countries on the visa waiver program, you can travel to Japan for tourism with just your passport. However, foreign nationals from other countries not on the list have to apply for a tourist visa.

What Is The Japan Tourist Visa?

The Japanese tourist visa is a travel document issued to foreign nationals by Japanese authorities from non-visa-exempt countries who wish to visit the country for the holidays. This visa is a short-stay visa valid for 90 days or 6 months. The single-entry visa validity is for 90 days and can only be used once, while the double-entry visa is valid for6 months and can be used twice to enter the country.

This visa is solely for tourist purposes and doesn’t allow the holder to engage in any work to earn income during their stay in the country. Furthermore, the government of Japan doesn’t grant visa extensions unless under special circumstances, so visitors are advised to leave the country before or on the day their visa expires so as not to be guilty of immigration violations.

Japan Tourist Visa Application Requirements

Those who wish to apply for a tourist visa must meet the requirements as shown below.

Valid Passport: A valid passport with a minimum validity of six months is required. The passport should also have at least 2 blank pages for visa stamps.

Colored Photograph: A colored photograph not older than 3 months is required. The photograph should show the applicant’s face clearly.

Birth Certificate: A copy of their birth certificate.

Proof of Financial Capacity: Documents to prove financial capacity are required. The government wants to ensure that applicants can support themselves during their stay in Japan. A statement of account for 6 months will suffice.

Travel Itinerary: Information about the applicant's travel itinerary. The place they plan to stay and visit, and their arrival and departure date.

Above all, the authorities want to be sure that the person applying for the tourist visa has every plan to return to their home country at the expiration of their visa. Applicants must show that they have strong ties with their home countries before entering Japan.

Is There A Multiple Entry Visa?

The government of Japan has multiple entry visas for tourists who want to visit Japan regularly. 

Applicants may apply for a 1-5 years visa depending on their nationality and passport. Multiple entry visas allow the holder to visit as often as they wish, but they cannot stay for more than 30 days per visit.

Japan Tourist Visa Fee 

The tourist visa fee varies depending on the validity of the visa and type. Single-entry visas cost less than double or multiple-entry visas. Multiple entry visas are valid for 1 year or more and cost more than 6 months or 30 days visas. Those who wish to visit Japan for medical treatment may also apply for a tourist visa under Japanese law. 

How To Apply For A Tourist Visa?

Interested applicants may apply for a tourist visa by visiting the nearest Japanese consulate to submit their application form, but those who don’t live close to an embassy, they can apply for a Japanese E visa online.

Japan E Visa

 The Japanese E visa was launched in August 2022 as part of the government’s plans to increase the number of foreign visitors to 60 million annually by 2030. The visa was only open to US and Canadian citizens, but other citizens from eligible countries may now apply. If you are from an E-visa country, you can visit VisaHQ to apply by doing the following.

  • Log onto VisaHQ and enter Japan as your destination

  • Choose your country of origin

  • Select ‘Tourist visa'

  • Fill out the application form

  • Scan and attach all necessary documents

  • Pay the visa fee with a bank-issued card

  • Submit for approval

Once you submit the form online, it will be processed, and you should receive feedback in the next 5-7 working days. Successful applicants will receive the electronic visa in their email inbox, which they should print out and bring to Japan when they visit.

The immigration officers on duty will examine the visa and other documents, and if they are satisfied, they will stamp their passports and be allowed into the country.

The Japan tourist visa application form is available on VisaHQ. Kindly visit the platform to complete it and ensure you only provide accurate details; otherwise, your application will be rejected.


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