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The Republic of Ireland is off the coast of Wales and England. It is a country in Western Europe and is a place filled with spectacular landscapes that will make you gape in awe. This place is also famous for its amazing music, festivals, and beautiful castles.

Many people enter Ireland for tourism purposes. However, many people also visit Ireland for business purposes. To deal with business activities, it may be important for foreign nationals to acquire an Ireland business visa.

This article discusses everything you need to know about the Ireland business visa, such as what it is, its requirements, and how to get it online!

What is a Business Visa?

A business visa is a type of visitor visa. It allows temporary residence in a country if you visit it for business purposes.

A business visa enables foreign nationals to go to a different country, attend meetings and conferences, and indulge in other business activities associated with their jobs.

What is an Ireland Business Visa?

An Ireland business visa is a visitor visa that allows citizens of other countries to come to Ireland and attend their business activities. They can enter Ireland for a business meeting or a conference to finalize some dealings, meet important officials or finalize decisions regarding their company. All individuals belonging to a country with a passport requiring an Ireland visa must acquire this Irish visa.

However, this visa does not allow people to opt for employment when they travel to Ireland. The Ireland business visa differs from a work permit visa, and labor or employment is impossible.

Moreover, with this visa, you cannot be dependent upon the public services present in Ireland.


A short stay business visa for Ireland will allow any foreign national to stay in Ireland for up to ninety days. The short stay visa is also known as the 'C' visa. You can get the Irish business visa as single or multiple entry visa.

You can also use this visa for work purposes, but that has to be for two weeks only. You cannot use this visa to work for greater than fourteen days.

Moreover, if you opt for the working period of fourteen days, you need to remember that for ninety days, you can only work once.

Processing Time

Normally, the processing time takes up to 10 days. Within 10 days, you can get the decision of whether or not your visa request has been approved or not.

What are the requirements for an Ireland Business Visa?

Certain requirements need to be fulfilled if you wish to obtain an Irish business visa. Firstly, you must fill out the application with proper personal details and verified information. Any discrepancy in the application form can cause the visa office to reject your application request for the visa.

The required documents include having a valid passport. It should be a signed passport. The original passport should be valid at least 6 months after you depart and at least 2 blank pages.

Moreover, you need to submit recent pictures and also the permission of residence in the home country you belong.

If you have any previous approved or rejected Irish visas, you should also provide those details. You will also have to pay the visa fee.

As you are getting an Ireland business visa, supporting documents are required, too, such as a support letter from your employer. This should be a signed letter confirming that you are coming to Ireland for a business trip. This letter should contain proper detail about why you are traveling to Ireland.

You should also submit the invitation letter from the Irish company that had invited you for the business trip. The host company should state the reason for travel, trip cost, and accommodation details. You should also provide the company's contact details.

Lastly, you should provide proof of sufficient funds. This can be in the form of a bank statement of 6 months of the business bank account and pay slips. The documents submitted should be accurate and contain the proper information.

The business visa application for anyone younger than 18 who has to come for business-related activities, such as any business meeting, has to be filled out by their parents.

The Immigration officer has the right to decide whether or not you can travel to Ireland.

How to Obtain an Ireland Business Visa online?

Many people go to the Ireland embassy or the international visa office to get a visa for Ireland. They fill out their business visa application and submit their documents directly to the Ireland embassy. However, an easier and more convenient way allows individuals to submit their Ireland business visa application form and documents.

The visa applicant can complete this through an online visa application process. Through the online process everything will be done online. One way to approach the online system is through the website VisaHQ. VisaHQ is a site that allows individuals to know everything they need about a particular visa and then apply for it.

At VisaHQ, you can enter the destination you want to go to and your nationality and choose the type of visa as well. The site will present you with all information, such as the visa requirements, visa eligibility criteria, visa fees, and even the visa types. You can then select the visa you want to apply for, fill out the online Ireland application form and provide the required documents. Once you do this, you are good to go and have to wait for the visa application to be processed.


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