Iceland schengen visa appointment

An Iceland Schengen visa appointment is required when applying for a visa to Iceland; otherwise, you will be unable to submit your documents for processing. There is a process you must follow to book an appointment, and we address it here, along with other important information.

Why Is An Iceland Schengen Visa Appointment Required?

A visa appointment is necessary because this is when the Iceland visa officer gets to review original copies of your documents and ask questions about your trip to Iceland. Unlike other visa options that can be applied online, Icelandic Schengen visa can't be obtained online or issued by proxy. The applicant has to be present to answer any question the visa officer may ask.

At the end of the process, the officer will decide whether the applicant qualifies for the application based on their answers and the validity of their documents, among other requirements.

Traveling To Iceland

Iceland is a Nordic country in Northern Europe. The country is situated in the middle of the Norwegian Sea and is closer to Norway than any other European country in the Northern region. The island is sparsely populated with a small population of 364,000 inhabitants, most of whom are English speakers. Iceland depends on fishing, mining, and tourism to generate revenue, with an average of 2 million tourist visits yearly.

The terrain is predominantly rugged and mountainous, with an extensive coastline and three national parks. Iceland is cold for most of the year but doesn't freeze as much, with an average of 0° Celsius during winter. To the extreme north, the sun shines at night and during the day.

If you are looking for a remote location to unwind, Iceland may be a perfect destination for you.

Is Iceland A Schengen Nation?

Iceland is a Schengen country but is not a member of the European Union (EU). As a matter of fact, it is one of the four non-EU Schengen members and one of two island countries, with Malta being the other. The country officially became a Schengen nation in 2001 after signing two previous agreements in 1996 and 1999. By signing the agreement, Iceland became an authorized issuer of Schengen visas accepted by other Schengen nations. Secondly, the country activated its borderless policy in compliance with the open border policy of other member states.

This is why visas issued by any Schengen country are recognized and accepted by other Schengen countries; a visitor with an Iceland Schengen Visa can enter any other country in the zone and use the same visa issued by a member state to enter Iceland as well.

How To Book For A Schengen Visa Appointment?

How to book a Schengen visa will depend on the booking procedure established by the collection agency or embassy in your location. Iceland embassies or application centers have different procedures for booking appointments. However, the standard procedure is to call the embassy's hotline to book the appointment. Others may accept bookings over the mail.

Once you make contact, a date will be scheduled for the appointment. As the applicant, you are expected to honor the appointment with original and photocopies of your documents. Appear on time and wait until you are called. 

Sit calmly in front of the visa officer and answer all questions honestly and convincingly. Also, present your documents for review; if the visa officer is sure they are in order, they will pass them on to the appropriate quarters for processing.

What If There Is No Iceland Consulate or Embassy In My Country?

If there is no Iceland embassy or consulate in your country, all hope is not lost; you can still apply for a visa. Simply search for the licensed visa application center or agent handling Schengen visas for the Iceland government and follow their procedure. They may or may not call for an interview but rest assured that you will be issued the visa as long as you meet all the requirements.

Who Needs A Schengen Visa For Iceland?

This visa is required for visitors who are not from visa-free or Schengen countries. The visa-free countries are The US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

Iceland Schengen Visa Documents

During the visa appointment, the visa officer will request the following documents. Ensure that they are valid

  • Completed visa application form

  • Passport with at least three months validity from the departure date

  • Travel Insurance for medical bills with a minimum of €30,000 coverage

  • Visa fee

  • Proof of financial means

  • Round trip itinerary

  • Cover letter

  • Two recent photographs

  • Proof of accommodation

These are the set of documents you must present at the Iceland Schengen visa appointment. The processing may take 15 days or more before the visa is released.

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