How to apply for ETIAS Iceland

 How to apply for ETIAS Iceland is a common question asked by travelers to Iceland or those planning to visit the Arctic country soon.

Iceland is the least visited country in the Schengen region because of the harsh weather all year round and the terrain. So there is not as much information about Iceland as other countries in Mainland Europe.

To ensure that travelers get all the information they need to make their Iceland trip successful, we review the ETIAS application process for Iceland, including the requirements.

The ETIAS Launch 

The European Travel Information Authorization System will officially become mandatory for all travelers from visa free countries from the beginning of 2024, so those without these documents will not be allowed to enter Iceland or any other nation in the Schengen Area. This system is not a visa-issuing system but a visa waiver system. 

The European Commission announced the creation of the security vetting system, and the plan was approved by the European Parliament. Subsequently, work commenced on the system in 2016, and is ready to be deployed.

The reason for creating this system is basically to secure Europe from the threat posed by terrorists and criminal elements who may want to infiltrate Europe from Visa free countries to perpetrate crimes against the local population. Furthermore, the disruptions caused by the Covid 19 pandemic exposed existent vulnerabilities in the EU’s security framework, so policymakers have had to include checks for the risk of disease.

For instance, a section in the form enquires from applicants if they have been to war-torn or virus infected areas or regions recently. This line of questioning is out in place to ensure that travelers who may be infected do not spread the disease into the Continent. 

Another reason that system was created was to collate data on travelers moving in and out of Europe. Overall, ETIAS is not only a security checker but all a data collation system for tracking migration.

Why Is ETIAS Required For Travelers To Iceland?

ETIAS is not a member state of the European Union but is a current member of the Schengen zone. By virtue of its membership of the latter, it will adopt ETIAS like other countries like Switzerland and Norway, which are also non EU but Scandinavian countries. Since Schengen countries have similar policies for travelers coming from other countries, it is only logical for Iceland to adopt the same policy to secure the Continent.

So therefore, those seeking entry into Iceland as a primary destination before flying out to other countries in the region must get an ETIAS approval first at least 96 hours before flying into Reykjavik.

Who Will Need ETIAS For Iceland?

ETIAS is not for all travelers to Iceland; this document will only be issued to visitors from visa free countries like the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, and other visa free countries. If you previously required a Schengen or national visa to enter Iceland or any other Schengen country, you are not eligible for ETIAS. You should get a Schengen visa instead.

ETIAS Validity

The Commission of Europe states that the approval will be valid for 3 years upon the issue, and trackers can visit and stay in Iceland or a combination of other countries in the region for 90 days. The 90/180 days rule must be maintained for all visits to the zone, which means that you cannot afford to stay for more than 3 months out of 6 months.

How To Apply For ETIAS Iceland?

Application for ETIAS Iceland is easy as it is done online through secured platforms like VisaHQ. You don’t need to visit the country's Icelandic embassy, consulate, or any visa center. All you need is to fill out an application form, submit it and get it approved for onward travel.

  • Visit VisaHQ 

  • Choose Iceland as your destination

  • Choose your country of citizenship

  • Select ETIAS

  • Fill out the application form

  • Attach all necessary documents

  • Pay the fee

  • Submit for approval

The system will take only a few minutes to scan your information, and the approval will be forwarded to your inbox. Do travel to Iceland with the same passport you used for the application, not a different one.

The application fee is €7 and is payable with a credit or debit card. Minors and elderly travelers above 70 years are exempt from paying the fee.

If you are planning a trip to Iceland, how to apply for Etias Iceland should no longer be an issue because we have thrown light on what the new policy is all about and what it means for your travel plans.

Visit VisaHQ now to submit your application.

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