Ghana visa requirements for South African citizens

If you are from South Africa and would like to travel to Ghana, you will need a Ghanaian visa. However, to successfully apply for a visa, you must meet South African citizens' Ghana visa requirements. This page contains all the necessary information you will need to process your visa application so keep reading to learn more.

Traveling To Ghana

Ghana is a country on the West African coast with lovely beaches, rich landscapes, and bubbling nightlife. The tourism industry is one of the country’s highest revenue earners and draws in millions of visitors annually, including South Africans. Just as there are Ghanaian nationals in South Africa, there are also permeant South African residents who have made Ghana their home.

Through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the government has made it easy for South Africans and citizens of other nations to access a visa easily should they wish to travel to the country for whatever reason. However, only applicants who meet the visa requirements will be issued the visa

Do South Africans Need Visas To Enter Ghana?

South Africans definitely need visas to enter Ghana. Only citizens of ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States), Trinidad and Tobago, Mauritius, and Singapore can visit without a visa and can stay for up to 60 days. Citizens of other countries must go through the visa application process to secure a visa, South Africans inclusive.

Visa On Arrival

Despite the need to obtain a visa before they can enter Ghana, South Africans enjoy the benefits of getting visas on arrival when they arrive at the airport. This means that even if you board a flight for Ghana without a visa, the immigration officers will give you a visa on arrival, allowing you to stay for up to 30 days. This program is extended to citizens of many African Union States.

Ghana Visa Processing Fees

There are different processing fees depending on the type of visa you apply for. Visa fees are always changing but range from $50-$160 on average. A single-entry visa that can only be used once with shorter validity cost less than multiple-entry visas that can be used several times and have extended validity.

Where To Apply For a Ghana Visa?

As a South African citizen, you are eligible for a Ghana visa, but you must submit your application to any of the Ghana High Commission offices in Pretoria and other locations.

Applicants are expected to submit photocopies of their documents alongside the visa application form. An interview will be scheduled, which they must attend alongside original copies of their documents. They will be asked relevant questions about their planned trip, and their documents will be reviewed. After a few days or weeks, the embassy will notify them regarding their application. If successful, the visa will be issued to them

It is very important to submit accurate documents to avoid application rejection. Let's review the document the Ghana High Commission will request.

Ghana Visa Requirements For South African Citizens

Application Form: Applicants need to enter the correct information about themselves into their application form. The information they provide must correspond with the information in their documents; otherwise, their application will be rejected.

Valid Passport: A South African passport is a must to obtain a Ghanaian visa. The passport must not expire within the next six months, counting from the arrival date in Ghana. Also, the passport must have at least 2 blank pages. The passport number, date of issue, and expiry date should be provided.

Yellow Fever Vaccination: Only South Africans that have received the yellow fever vaccine and have a certificate to prove it will be allowed into the country.

Cover Letter: A cover letter stating your reasons for the trip and other necessary trip information.

Photograph: 2 recent passport-sized photographs taken no later than 3 months before they are used. The photographs must be clear, with no glasses or coverings distorting your image.

Proof of funds: A statement of account for the last 6 months showing a minimum balance to cover your traveling expenses.

Proof of Accommodation: Proof of accommodation such as a hotel reservation or the contact address where you will stay. Hotel reservations can be made online; a copy is attached to your application form.

Note: The documents required for different visas vary, but the ones listed above are the important supportive documents required for all applicants.

Can I Extend My Visa?

South African visitors can extend their visas by visiting the nearest immigration office at least a week or two before their current visa expires.

If you meet the Ghana visa requirements for South African citizens, you can apply for any of the available visas at any of the embassy or consulate offices in South Africa. Online Visa applications for Ghana are not available at this time.

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