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Free import

The following items can be imported tax free into the country by passengers aged 17 or over.
• 200 cigarettes
• 50 cigars
• 100 cigarillos
• 250 grams Tobacco
• 1 litre spirits over 22% vol.
• 2 litres fortified wine
• 2 litres stilled wine
• 16 litres of beer
• 500 grams of coffee
• 50 grams of perfume
• Travellers importing or exporting the equivalent of 10,000 Euros in cash or travellers checks will need to declare the total sum to the relevant customs officials. All gold, except personal jewellery, over 500 grammes will need to be declared before entering or leaving the country.


• Live animals
• Plant materials
• Flowers
• Fruits- unless in can form
• Guns and Ammunition
• Explosives
• Knives and deadly weapons
• Illegal drugs
• Pornographic materials
• Antiques and nationally valuable works of art – should be checked with customs before leaving the country.


• Telecommunications and radio equipment – requires an import licence
• Travellers should note that certain wildlife animals or plants and parts thereof are protected by the Convention of Washington (CITES). The importation of these specimens is strongly restricted following the Community rules implementing the CITES-Convention.
• Pets including cats and dogs are prohibited from entering the country unless first coming from a rabies free country. All import authorization requests should be submitted at least two months prior to departure. Travellers will need to provide a certificate from the country of origin proving the animal’s protection from any diseases and official prove that rabies is not present in the country of origin. Certain breeds of dogs are also prohibited from entering the country including Staffordshire terriers, American Staffordshire terriers, Tosa and Mastiff.